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by Monty

I have just purchased this bike, and wondered if any body knows anything about the company.. I understand it used to operate from Surrey.

The bike seems quality. It weighs 17.6lb, with hs22 BRAKES AND OLD XT EQUIPEMENT. My next mission is to lighten it down..

Any good ?????

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by nikh

NO WAY :shock:
DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN I love this bike you HAVE to send me some pics pleaseeeeee!
Ok I'll calm down :? :D
They are called DPS Composites and still operate in Bookham, Surrey, England (my old home) but are geared more towards the motorsport industry and more recently airlines.
From memory I think they built the Lotus Boardman bike!?
But they don't make the bike anymore, two versions were available a hardtail and a full sus version both carbon fibre.
I had the pleasure of working there for work experience whilst at school many many moons ago.
I've searched the web high and low and never seen any info or pictures a beautiful bike would love to see some pics, just out of interest are you sure that weights accurate?

rc1_ultra_custom@yahoo.com :)


by Guest

At present the bike weights 17.6lbs equiped with a cro-mo seat post and rolls saddle, and very old xt 7 speed, mavic silver style wheels.

I recon with a little work-- chainset , B.B, new post, saddle, bars etc. 17lb is acheivable. It has an old style headset with ballistic carbon 800 forks. The hs22 hydraulic brakes weigh a fair amount to.

I will sort out a few pic's over the e-mail if you want a look.. When completed I will display in the MTB section,,,, A contender has arrived!!

Any advice on products to purchase to reduce the weight.. ????

I thougt WTB stealth pedals, Avid Ti or better brakes, No idea on levers,
FSA carbon cranket + Ti FSA b.b..

This lot should make it lighter without me having to take out a second mortgage to pay for it all..

Mega expensive stuff seem serious money for 10-20g savings ?

E-mail me a Monty6@ntlworld.com to recieve photos of bike and its progress

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by nikh

Sounds good. I'd keep an eye on ebay theres some good deals to be had if your on a budget.
For brake levers you could try Kooka or Pauls as for the pedals try the Cook Brothers egg beaters if you can stretch to it the Ti version.
Dirtboy on www.mtbr.com had a brand new FSA carbon crank for sale for $84! not sure if he has any left though http://www.light-bikes.com
Get yourself over to this link and post these questions you will have a better response:
Some pics of my bike parts are here:

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by Cyco

Can't say I've ever heard of them, but please post pics.

The Pauls/ Kooka brakes should knock off heaps of weight, as will some Carbon cranks with Ti BB (or HollowTech IIs).

Also try Carbon bars/ post, and a saddle like a SLR.

Have Fun

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