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by mambo

A 2 year guarantee is ridiculous in this day and age!
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by russianbear

2 year guarantee and a 2 month wait, I'd get the frame and put it up on the sale section here, then move to another brand.

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by Tucker13

Thank u for the replies to my post, it's good to discuss with fellow enthusiasts and to get your feedback , I did not want to appear Greedy with both my attitude and request but judging by the majority of replies I have received my request appears to be justified , I might consider putting a summary of these views to them and ask them for a comment or reply

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by Oswald

I worked in the bike business for years, trust me, you got a fair deal. For sure, a frame should last a lot longer then 2 years, but in this case 2 years is the warranty period you agreed upon when buying this frame. If the frame is out of the warranty period, all you can hope for is a commercial gesture. That's exactly what you got, so I would be happy with that.

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by Tucker13

Morning Oswald, thanks for your reply, I must add that the bike was not used for 6 Mths of that 2 year period as I was away in Lanzarote with a TT Bike , however I understand your point of view, it is somewhat annoying though to read the manufacturer admitting a mistake in their manufacturing process and the problem lands back at your doorstep

I didn't even consider Warranty when purchasing this bike , however it is certainly an area I will pay closer attention to in future when purchasing as it would appear there are big differences with manufacturers, Kestrel as an example I believe have a lifetime warranty on their framesets ,

I'm looking forward to receiving the new frameset as riding a TT bike up 10/ plus Gradients over the last 2 months has been hard work !!!!

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by Butcher

Oswald is right. All the information was present when you purchased the frame. Companies collect extra to cover warranty issues. The frame would have been more money if they did have a lifetime warranty. If you chose not to ride the bike, that is not the company's fault.

Whatever you got was a goodwill gesture. They did not have to do anything. Funny how when people get something that they are not suppose to get, they are unhappy with it. Kind of like winning the lottery and complaining that you did not get enough.

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by Tucker13

Afternoon Butcher, thanks for your post

Having previously ridden Bianchi and Colnago I experienced no such problems, I entered into this without considering warranty ( my fault) however for a 5 k frame you would expect it to last longer than that,They explained that oxidation will NOT be there at their new frames, because the bearings are directly in the carbon and the bearing from Shimano has plastic on the outside, so there is no more oxidation possible. I have seen this occur on other Storcks too, so it would appear to be a manufacturing flaw to me,that's my view of it anyway

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by 5 8 5

When I first read this I thought you were getting a decent deal. As it's gone on, I feel the same. As it was out of warranty they could have said hard luck.

The way way i would look at it is that you're getting a new frameset for the price of the forks (hopefully at cost). If the the original frameset was in good condition and you were looking to upgrade to something newer and you sold it, how much could you realistically expect to make towards the new frameset? I bet you'd have to pay more than the cost of a pair of forks.

Also you should be able to sell the forks. Remember, they can be damaged in crashes and people may need a set with a longer steerer for example. That'll help against the cost of the new forks.

Finally, a lifetime warranty isn't always a lifetime warranty. Best to research what others have actually got when tried using the warranty process.

Glad you're getting sorted. Enjoy the new frame.

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by Tucker13

Thanks 585 , charged Euro 500 for the fork plus I need to spend a bit extra for press fit bottom bracket as well, not sure the cost of that , glad to have finalised it , will put it all down to experience and yes am looking forward to getting back on road bike

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by mattr

I'd have a look at your local equivalent to the sale of goods act. Gives you (usually) more rights than the manufacturers warranty, and tells you who you should be dealing with.

Pretty sure a reasonable lifespan for a bike frame is more than 2 years!

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by Tucker13

Hi All,
You may recall that I previously posted about my experience with Storck Bicycle Germany over their Warranty for Carbon Road Bike , as you will see from my previous posts, I finally received a replacement frame albeit I had to pay Euro 540 for it , despite it being a manufacturing flaw, I decided to take it on the chin pay up and continue cycling. My previous posts stated that I was a fan of Storck and decided rightly or wrongly to purchase additional bikes from the same company a 4.5k Storck Rebel Nine Mountain Bike and a 10k Storck Aero 2 TT Bike ( both only 15 mths old) , not cheap bikes by any means but I am a fan of cycling doing Sportives , Mountain Biking and Triathlons

To my Horror recently whilst cleaning the TT bike I noticed a hairline Crack in the downtube of the Aero 2 TT bike , I wasnt sure if this was a paint crack so I made a short video and sent it over to the bike shop in Germany where I purchased, for comment, I received a quick reply from the shop to say that the Engineers in Storck want to take a look at same , I Couriered again this second bike back to Storck at my own expense and was told that having tested the frame they felt it was only a paint crack, I was not entirely happy with this reply as to me Cosmetically a crack does not look appealing or does not offer re assurance to someone in the future were I to sell on the frame , whilst waiting for a reply from Storck re my unhappiness over the paint crack, I received another reply on email,from Storck saying that they had located another crack in the frame ( showing 3 photos) underneath the downtube wheel arch area see email

"Dear Mr

first I must tell you, that we found another crack on the seat tube on the side to the wheel. Photos attached.

Because the frame has regular stiffness, there is no functional defect.

Now I am no engineer , but to me this is a ridiculous and outrageous reply, to,expect me to accept back a frame that is 15 mths old and be expected to have faith in its structure when I am cycling down a hill on a TT bike doing in excess of 60kmh

Please I ask u for your opinions on this , I have spoken to,the shop where I purchased all 3 bikes and he has advised that he is powerless, he is blaming Mr Markus Storck and his outright refusal to issue replacements under warranty , he did say that other brands he supplies would issue a replacement without quibble

To me this is not acceptable , I have withing the last 2 years spent over 20k on Bicycles from the same shop and Company and 2 of them have since broken

Why should I do ?

I would appreciate your thoughts on this

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by milkbaby

I wouldn't ride a bicycle that I didn't have confidence in. Subconsciously you may ride more timidly and that could even cause an accident due to rider error.

I'm in the US, so I'm not sure what consumer protections are available in the EU. If you like the frames, maybe it will be worth sending them to a reputable and experienced carbon repair shop to have them x-ray for defects and then if there is truly a structural problem, they could repair the frames.

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by Tucker13

Hi Mikababy

Thank u for your reply, to be honest, the more I think about this the madder I am getting !!!, I am actually a laid back type of individual , but to me this is absolutely showing total disregard for the Shop Owner who sold the bike and me the End user , Storck have won numerous design awards for engineering etc and were once a boutique brand , however I am now thinking that Storck have abondoned their philosophy and Are all about profit now

Markus Storck is on You Tube stating that he has absolute confidence in his materials and for that reason he has ridden at 96kmh in the Alps on his Fascenario 0.6 ( his personal best)
Would he like to ride my Aero 2 TT bike at 96kmh ????? He's welcome to try it if he likes , it's downstairs in his Engineers office in Germany !!

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by madcow

While it contributes nothing to help resolve your issue, I will say that you're not alone. We dropped the Storck brand for this exact reason. We had an usually high percentage of warranty claims, and almost every single one of them was refused for one reason or another. These were claims that any other brand we carry would have replaced the frame, but Storck found a reason to deny almost all of them.

It's really frustrating when a company will not stand behind it's product.

As was already suggested, I'd get the cracked frame repaired, and then I'd begin replacing my bikes with ones that weren't Storck.

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by Tucker13

Afternoon Madcow,

Thank you for your email, Storck are refusing to replace under warranty , they are offering to reprint both frame cracks and ship back to me , however they have stated the warranty will not apply , naturally I am not happy with this development, I have asked for a replacement frame under warranty free of charge, The Shop who sold me the bike has just emailed me .....

Hello X .

I am really speechles about the behaviour of Storck . The Storck guys cant explain me their decision . So i told them to do it directly to you .

You must know that i agrre to your opinion . Your case is another missing brick in the wall short time before the collapse or in other words before ending our relationship to Storck .

I am so sorry for this situation … i am felling ashamed .

So sad really that a brand who are so quick to talk about their frames in the media behave in this manner , I am not accepting this and intend to write to the EU Sale of Goods Act and ask them to intervene as I believe emailing direct to Storck will be futile myself, I also would like to involve "Tour Magazine" who Storck seem to have a very cosy relationship with

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