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by Rogue

I have resently bought a pair of Zipp 404s and I have now discovered that there is a little bit of play in the rear hub. :( Is it something I can fix myself and how is it done?
I have tried Zipps homepage but I could not find anything helpful there.
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by Bruiser

Use a pair of cone spanners to:

Unlock the cone and nut,
adjust/repack the cones,
lock the cones into place.

It's relatively simple and with experience it's something that becomes second nature.
If you are repacking the bearings just make sure it all goes back in as it came out :wink:

Happy repairs


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by oddsos

The Zipp 404s have cartridge bearings and so cannot be adjusted as Bruiser suggested. To change the preload on the bearings you need two 5mm hex wrenches. These insert into either end of the axle and allow you to change the bearing preload, remove the free hub or change the axle.

When you clamp the wheel into the bike the quick release skewer will apply additional pressure to the bearings as it clamps against the dropouts. You need to adjust the preload using the hex wrenches, replace the quick release, clamp the wheel to the bike, check the play in the bearings and then repeat until the preload is correct.

I hope this helps


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