English, Custom, 6.58 kgs

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by jmilliron

Next level.

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by ZachUA

very nice!

any idea where he got the spokes coated?

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by Fiery

Spokes look like anodized titanium. Can actually be done at home with a few items from the local hardware store.

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by FIJIGabe

Beautiful! Any word on the availability of those brakes?
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by ryan0380

Such clean lines, that really is fine

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by bencolem

Beautiful, really creative, pushes the boundaries! How does the stem face plate work? Bolts underneath?

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by djconnel

Rob English does incredible work, it's true, but I'm not sure I liked the steel-carbon mix idea, as it's a bit of a slippery slope. Once you replace one tube or another with carbon, why not replace all of them? Either you want the advantages of steel in price, durability/repairability, customization, aesthetics, or you want the lower weight of carbon, but once you start mixing it gets a bit arbitrary... aesthetically a bit mutant.

The one exception might be the fork, since customization is less of an advantage there.

Ben Serotta used to use front forks for the seat stays on his Ti-carbon hybrids. I was never able to establish that resulted in a better ride than all-Ti.

Maybe a case could be made here that the carbon seat tube is just an extension of the seat post, and there's no disadvantage. If it cracks, just plug in a new one.

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by Dirty32

Wow... Very nice!

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by bfno

Such amazing workmanship, although I would have thought the integrated QR would completely defeat the purpose of a QR and hake wheel changes difficult. Anyway an amazing beast and those deep enves somehow suit this bike very well!
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by Valbrona

What is the objective of this bike? Custom geometry and lightweight? Ride quality? To showcase workmanship? And why poxy Far East componentry on such a 'premium' bike?

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by Kumppa


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by grouk



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by kgt

It is definitely an amazing show bike. I would like to see a low-profile wheels version.

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by Valbrona

Why is everyone fawning over this bike and its apparent high level of craftsmanship? I wonder how it actually rides.

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by spdntrxi

It's a cool bike.. No doubt. Apparent?

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