Update: Now 7.56 lb. Ruegamer, 3,414 grams. new pics, p. 5+6

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by bm0p700f

Wow that it really wow.

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by mfcycling

light. light. light.

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by donald

Here's a picture with the dash saddle that was taken at the San Francisco Bike Expo in November.
bicycle 12812.jpg

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by micky

Pure WWism! :shock:

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by stevec1975

Any updates on this Donald? Surely in 18 months you would have knocked off another gram or two?!

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by kgt

Wow...but... that castrated saddle...yikes!

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by Martin1977

nice weight and I do not know weight of that saddle and seatpost. But please, consider Berk combo instead of that caricature of saddle :-)
The bike will look MUCH MUCH better !!!


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by BmanX

Donald has BIG BALLS building such an amazing bike so he needs a saddle like this.

Cervelo SLC 5960g/13.13 lbs

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by perrap

Insane, but lovely anyway! :)

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by coppercook62


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by austke

Still think this is the best bike on WW's.
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by donald

No updates at the present time but I do plan to modify a Precision Billet rear derailleur, should be able to get that to 97 to 99 grams, it will have no steel in it at all. I may have a saddle-seat post combo that should be around 89 grams with a 297 mm length. It won't be a Berk, although I would love to have a Berk combo. Also I may have some new brake lever hoods that might be around 4 grams the pair. In regards to my saddle. I have a Becker saddle, normal length, that I sometimes use, I got it down to 42 grams. The Dash saddle is 32 grams and I like it. It fits my butt very well and I have no problems with it in any way. I ride this bike a lot.

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by chris8382

crazy light. I have carried more than 8lbs of hydration on a bike!
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by gumgardner

Ruegamer is for sale. Taking best offers. Will be sold with either low profile or deep wheels as seen in this thread. Crumpton also for sale.

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