Drilling seat stays for a rack mount

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by ultyguy

Hi all! I want to get a kids seat and put it in my cyfac rando nerv. There are attachment points at the dropout, but there are no holes in the stays to affix the rack higher up. Is it possible to drill these holes in an ALU frame like this one? How would you go about it?

by Weenie

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by Tenlegs

Might be easier to use something like this?

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/tubus-clamp-set ... -mounting/
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by ultyguy

Wow, that's a much smarter solution. I am an idiot, thanks for helping an idiot today!

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by xnavalav8r

Something like this is also an option.


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by derek

Or buy rack that connets to the seatpost. Definitelly don't drill anything.

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by rainerhq

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by bikewithnoname

Just a tip, if it doesn't have rack mounts, it may not be built to take a rack, i.e. there may be very thin tubing in the seatstays so drilling or even clamping the seatstays and then adding weight might not be a great idea.

All the alternativies mentioned above are good suggestions, you can also get some racks that bolt on to the brake bridge (behind the caliper) that may work for you. you can also get kids seats that mount on to the seat tube and don't require any rack mounts at all

By the way, what you think are rack mounts are probably fender mounts whihch would explain why there's no rack mounts on the stays.
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by PoorCyclist

Get the salsa clamp above (it doesn't have a "lip" on the clamp I.D. so it fits more bikes properly)

Then, get this

http://store.trekbikes.com/product/bont ... tweight.do

It will work with most bikes that doesn't have any mounts. You will probably use only 1 of the pole to the seatpost clamp.

by Weenie

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