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by Tillquist

ichobi wrote:Well isn't it because the new Aeroad use Direct Mount brake, and Campagnolo doesn't have one?
I'd love to know how many sizes of that integrated cockpit Canyon going to produce. Could be a nightmare to fit right without variety of reaches.

Look likes Campagnolo have made one........... 8)


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by HakeemT

Those apparently are
Colnago-branded aluminum calipers made by Hayes

by Weenie

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by DartanianX


That post was pulled from his Facebook page. Not twitter.

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by DartanianX

New 2015 Avanti Corsa DR for Avanti Racing team.


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by Rob81

and what looks like its less fancy "brother" (rear brake in standard position)
http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2014-New ... 33596.html

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by KWalker

Giro Synthe on instagram http://instagram.com/p/poQm58i4eX/
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by Tillquist

KWalker wrote:Giro Synthe on instagram http://instagram.com/p/poQm58i4eX/


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by stella-azzurra

Video from inside a sprint at the Tour De Swiss stage 6
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... Yp19w#t=86
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by hotshot

The new Avanti Corsa DR looks pretty much the same as the current one except for the rear break location. I can tell you those breaks are a bit of a pain after working on the Corsa SL. Also will not be stages compatible.

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by dereksmalls

Yeah not really feeling that new Giro, looks almost like an old school Bell helmet or even the original Bell Reebok Pump mtb helmet

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by SvenNijs

dereksmalls wrote:Yeah not really feeling that new Giro....

If it's anything like other 'recent' Giro road helmets, you won't be feeling it at all until it's passed AU/NZ approval a few years down the track :roll:

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by racermech


I noticed that yesterday. I happen to follow him on twitter but not on FB. Either way it looks like it is all settled now. Someone else posted an FB posted saying he talked to Cav and it was from a fake account. "Sorted with Cav. We 100% agree it was not from His account.
All smiles."

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by drainyoo

Intense video of one of the riders in stage 5 of the Tour de Suisse. Amazing how close they are, moving at such high speeds, and they don't crash. Looks so much easier when viewing from afar.


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by 5 8 5

Already posted in the Pro Cycling thread yesterday (incorrectly labelled Stage 6)

by Weenie

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by tymon_tm

looks like your regular sunday club ride, with all the guys being under influence of some party drugs. really crazy
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