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by Danny

I am a very keen cyclist, but i know next to nothing about the technical side of things. I currenly have a Crossmax XL disc on the front, which im happy with, my rear wheel though im not so sure about. Its built up of, mavic 517 rim, dt double butted spokes, and a ddg disc hub, now the rim is supposed to be around 395 grams, im dont know the weight of the hub but i dont think its particularly light. Are there any rims much lighter than mine? or is that about the minimum realistically, and would having a heavier hub make much odds to the rolling of the wheel?

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback!!


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by polaris

Sounds like most of your wheel is OK. :)

I'd stick with Mavic rims as they seem to be the most reliable on the market and are fairly light as well. The 517 is a good choice and definitely one of the lightest.

Spokes are good too.

Only thing I would change is the hub, DDG not really being known for their lightweight XC components. If its just after pay day, go for some Chris King disc hubs as they're generally recognised as being the best on the market. Other options are DT Hugi hubs which are even lighter than the Kings.

These are both fairly expensive though and a cheaper way to go would be with a Hope or Shimano hub.

Hope this helps. :?:
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by Weenie

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