Chinese Carbon Rims for Cross—Any Experiences?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by jonbek

I've been keeping up with the thread in the roadie forum, but I wanted to see if anyone on this side had some experiences they wanted to share?

I race sscx and I was thinking about buying a couple pair of deep tubulars from one of the Chinese firms. Seems like an easy way to race light and have pit wheels. Easy, light, and cheap, concerns me, what,s the saying—pick two.

Anyone here have some time racing on the overseas stuff?

Please share!


by Weenie

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by poonstar

no racing just weekly riding on a set of Yoeleo 38 mm deep and 23 mm wide tubulars with novatec hubs with campy freebody. wheels have been really good so far they very stiff for me and i'm about 150lbs. i think they also offer warranty on their products as well.

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by weeni

You can find many cyclocross rims or wheels from China, depth 24/38/50mm are better choices, but 23mm width is best. tubular and clincher are ok.
Here is a link from Alibaba search: ... n+wheelset
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by addictR1

poonstar: i'm in the same boat as you looking for a carbon set. i have the farsport 38mm for my road bike and absolutely love them. currently eyeing their FSC38-CM25:

i'm running canti.. so kinda limited. i thought about getting alloy wheelset.. but hard to find one in this price range at around 1435g combined.

my friend already bought the same set i'm looking at, but he hasn't put it through the test though. so kinda on the fences.

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by VamP

I ran a set of Farsports 38mm tubulars last season without any issues. Good solid wheelset. Have just bought another set so will be running two this season.

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by addictR1

I pulled the trigger and picked up a set too. Hopefully will get it soon.

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by vcnz

I had 3 sets of Chinese wheels I bought from different suppliers and I do not have big issues to complain about for the price
The only thing I want to mention is that the breaking surface wear out pretty quickly compared to branded (Shimano) wheels.

Just to give you an idea, on my Shiamano DuraAce the brake surface lasted 3-4 times the Chinese ones, but I'm afraid that rate applies to the price too

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by rijndael

Are they wearing out 3-4X faster because of the cyclocross environment, or is it the same on the road?

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by addictR1

got photos of my wheels completed.. now waiting for it to arrive....

EDhub - no ceramic, shimano 11speed -black
Matte finish -- 3k matt (no glossy)
Basalt + high temp 220
Sapim cx ray BLACK spoke/ RED nipple/ 20/24H

Image - don't know why it has the green reflection



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by TedStriker

Got a couple of sets (on of the big appeals was being able to buy 2 wheelsets to put different tyres on depending on conditions) and all good thus far.

by Weenie

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by gummee

I bought 3 pair of rims from DIY (off the big auction website): 24mm tubular in 24/28, 38mm tubular in 24/24 and 44mm clincher in 20/24 last summer. Built 2 into CX wheels and the 3rd into road wheels.

All 3 worked/work just fine. I'd still be riding both pair of CX wheels if I hadn't gone 11sp in the interim. I *did* source hubs that were upgrade-able for the road wheels and still ride them. The front road wheel has a pulsing when braking, but otherwise, they've held up well.



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