Which carbon frame with horizontal toptube?

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by Nicos

Love can be blind, for bikes too :p
I for example love my old Bianchi more than it's worth.
And I don't know why I never liked the sloping look too... I like simple straight lines and horizontal toptubes.

by Weenie

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by tinozee

Good discussion. I would agree that the c60 or c59, hell any traditional geo Colnago is most beautiful. I also don't mind a slight slope, as long as the top tube is straight and not curved. Put it this way - as an overall bike I like when the stem is at the same angle as the top tube.

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by Slagter

Thanks guys for all your suggestions and discussions. Maybe the C59/C60 isn´t too bad. And maybe I should consider a modern sloping design. That would definitely open all a lot of possibilities... Or maybe I should just wait until I can afford the RB1000...

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by Camilo

I'll have to say I do really prefer the aesthetics of a horizontal top tube. I have two - one's a aluminum cross bike that is probably slightly sloping, but pretty much looks horizontal, and an 80s Sannino steel frame. I also used to ride a CAAD7 frame which as someone said, is a slightly sloping TT- maybe a CM over the length. It definitely fit within my aesthetics fine.

But as I aged and was looking for a high quality, lightweight carbonfiber "comfort" type frame, that type is mostly sloping. The Felt Z frame I bought locally had a very sloping TT. When I just prop it against the garage door and gaze at it, I don't mind it all that much, but it doesnt' ring my chimes like the Sannino. But it only weighs 16 lbs with moderately WW and not too expensive parts and rides very, very nice. It goes as fast as it possibly can with my motor and doesn't beat me up.

So, I like it very, very much in spite of the sloping TT! Progress.... I like classic stuff, but have no illusion that progress in bike frames ended in 1980.

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