Fulcrum Racing Speed 35

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by dragonlord76

Anyone has experiences with this wheel? Looking to invest a set.

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by Martin.F

I have the Bora version. Coming off FFWD, Zipp and then LW I have some fair comparison.

The 35's feel indestructible compared to the others. It feels rock solid and stiffer than the Zipp, yet not at stiff, light and responsive as the LW's. The bearings feel supersmooth on the 35's and the wheels seem to roll better than the others. The Zipps felt more comfortable on bad roads than any of the others. Braking when dry is perfect IMO with the 35's. Not too grabby, but plenty of power and modulation. Very predictable. In the wet however not so much. I've been using the supplied pads and campy brakes.

The LW's felt like sht when going downhill. They felt nervous, fragile and not very confidence inspiring. That has changed a LOT with the Boras - way better.

I love the all-aroundness of the 35's. They keep speed well, they climb very well, they descend perfectly, they feel bomb-proof and the braking is good.

I still rate LW as my favorite wheel, but they felt too fragile for my taste.
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by dragonlord76

Thx Martin.

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by keong72

I got c35 n bora one 35 both is all rounder wheelset for daily use,i like it very much,,,,,

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by frohrider

If you are looking for a branded light allround wheelset the bora 35 / fulcrum 35 should be one of top candidates.
See this thread for more info http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=123019.
As a heavier rider they are my most used wheels for hilly rides even when the conditions are unsure.
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by dj97223

I, too, use the Bora 35 (One) as daily riders. I love them. My only other carbons were/are the Reynolds Stratus 46T, with WI LTa hubs, circa 2006. Both sets weigh about 1260g. Braking with the Boras is better. The Boras also trasmit less road noise and seem stiffer (more responsive) than the Reynolds. I've always liked the WI hubs, but I think the Bora hubs roll a bit better, even right out of the box. The finish on the Boras is far superior.
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