Campy BB30 cup adaptors vs Parlee BB30 cups for Campy

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by Butcher

So does that mean later than Spring 2014?

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by MikeK

Been using a Chris King PF30 with no problems. I had a BB30 frame and Campy's BB30 adaptor was problematic so I bought a BB30 crankset with my Campy group and ditched the adaptor all together.

by Weenie

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by BRM

AptosBigRing wrote:Hey guys,
Adam here from Praxis. Wanted to chime in here to give you info straight to the point from Praxis.

We too are VERY excited about getting our Campy ULT Conv BB out, but we've had a couple delays. That's all.
The straight up reality is we are a very small engineering firm with limited resources and we have to have the BB perfect. It simply can't come out of the oven until it's ready.
We are very close but basically making a few design tweaks. Being small and new if a product is not perfect, we're not releasing it. I hope you can all understand that and also respect it. Delays hurt for sure...but manufacturing something this precise sometimes has delays and they are unexpected many times. We can only thank you for your patience as we grow as a brand and engineering team. Believe us, we know big time how much people want this BB....we're doing all we can.

We have always planned on this BB...along with the GXP/ISIS2 version. It was never canned like some have said, and also we do not have any type of OE relationship with Shimano. That was a fun rumor to read. :D

Hope that helps clarify...
Again...we know the delay sucks... we're just trying our best to get it out and launched as soon as possible. It just has to be perfect.

Praxis Works silently removed 10 days ago the Campa-adapter IMAGE from the site and since yesterday also silently the TEXT on the page for the adapters CHANGED. Now late Spring there will be ONLY coming a Sram version. NO TRACE LEFT OF THE CAMPA ONE . . . .

Is it really that difficult to inform potentional buyers in a proper way??


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