Colnago C60 weights

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by ianSWBB

Have just had a 50s Colnago C60 on the scales in the workshop

All in, including headset + bung, BB shell, seat clamp, full fork steerer, it came to 1,730 gms



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by stanseven

Thanks. I'm glad I found this. I'm considering a C60 but this makes me rethink my plans.

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What's the actual weight for frame only if you don't mind. Thanks

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by ianSWBB

The frame alone -with seat clamp & headset fitted - & the threadfit 82.5 bb shell - the weight was 1,240gms - that's for size 50s


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by mnmasotto

WOW.....thats heavy!
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by luckypuncheur

Would've been ok 10 years ago but not today as sub-900 g frames are ubiquitous. :(
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by Permon

Guys, take it easy!
If You put ALL those parts away (seat clamp & headset fitted - & the threadfit 82.5 bb shell) the weight will be under 1100grams.
That is just OK!
My Dogma 65.1 is 1180gr (size 56, white World Champ edition) and I am totally OK about the total bike weight 6,8kg.

Got it?

The framebuilders (Pina, Colnago, Cippollini...) know about UCI weight limit, they know that 1200gr frame is just RIGHT weight to be at UCI limit. :welcome:
So, they make sure they produce super stiff and comfy frame at this weight.
Simple as it is. :beerchug:

The handling of my Dogma is just a dream!
I had Cervelo R5 last year, it was 400grams lighter....nice ride, very nimble, pleasure to go uphill.....but I felt lack of front end stiffness in sprints and under hard cornering.
I am tall and heavy 89kg....I believe smaller/lighter guys dont feel any lack of stiffness on R5 front end.
My experience. My ride style. Nothing else.

What I am trying to say is that there is no reason to get bellow 1kg unless You as a producer want to sell frames to weightweenies...
Marketing guys pushed producers to chase weight.
Recently, I have an impression that is getting changed and mass producers are starting to focus more on ride characteristics than weight :thumbup:
Example: new Cervelo R5 is heavier than its predecessor by 50 grams.

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by uraqt

I so can't believe I am doing this...

@ Permon, BS

R5 VWD 870 in 58
2014 R5 850 in 58

I am 100KG and there is no way, no way at all that the front end of the R5 VWD has "lack of front end stiffness" in fact I would argue that it's to stiff and that it causes the bike to "bounce" around a bit more than I would like...

If you are building anything that is not the borderline of the rules, why are you building it... good enough isn't good acceptaable in this day and age, in fact it's really never really been acceptable if you care ......

They build to that weight because it's cheaper and less work....


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by Permon

I rode both and I say: Dogma is on different planet in front end stiffness.
No discussion. Sorry.
You better dont try Dogma, you would not be happy about the result :welcome:

My R5 in size 56 was 780grams (Cervelo was officially saying 760grams for R5 WVD in 2013)
Cercelo itself says NEW R5 in size 56 is 820grams!

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by uraqt


I will never own a pinarello!!!

"The right leg (fork) is a bit larger with a different structure than that of the left one in an effort to compensate for the asymmetry of forces applied to the bike both during normal use as well as under more extreme circumstances such as sprints or climbs with high gradients."



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by rosuch

I have a c60 in a 48s that weighs in at 15.08. Not light but not too heavy either. With a set of Lightweights Obie's, released another 1.06lbs to 14.02.

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by Calnago

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by octav

That's almost the same weight as my CX-1.
My bike is 6.8 kg; so everything is good :) I would get a C60 tommorow, regardless of being"heavy"
Thanks for the info ;)

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by audiophilitis

Calnago wrote:Pics?

here you go...


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by wheelsONfire

A not to wild guess is that it's both cheaper and it also translates into less risk of warranty issues building a more heavy frame.
It seems it requires lots of more know-how to make it both light, stiff enough and durable.

I wouldn't consider paying that much for a frame that is so heavy as some of the recent bikes that we've seen.
If UCI will allow lower weights, all these sales claims will probably take another turn completely.

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