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by djconnel

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by metal


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by Franklin

Amusingly enough Steve had a very legit Paris Roubaix list at Motorola:

90: 2
91: 4
92: 17
93: 23
95: 17

Of course the year of this monstrosity was 1993, which is also Steve's worst P-R year :D

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by fitty4

I think bike fitters would be disgusted by that ride position, the toes are so dangerously close to the front wheel and I can't even imagine how awkward a sprint would feel like on that bike

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by euan

How is that any different from a small sized frame which pretty much all have a degree of toe overlap?
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by Mapei down under

Honestly? I don't think that they have any room for much else on there!

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by uraqt

I think Bauer and Eddy were testing and possibly trying to set a speed record on a down hill section. There were some articles about it when he rode that bike. From what I can remember I think he only rode the bike a few races, but that is just a guess..

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by Camilo

Am I the only one who gets ideas on things to do on my own bikes from this thread?

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by DrGalactus

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by mjduct

I'm so happy the UCI killed designs like this one...

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by xnavalav8r

That doesn't meet the definition of a bicycle anyway... maybe a pentcycle?

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by stella-azzurra

No seat bike

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by kgt


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by Routier


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by quattrings

That is tony martin's off-season bike, when his plums are healing up from the griptape on the seat.

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