Specialized at it again...now Neil Pryde

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by jimborello

Im sure NP would habe won the rights over the name if they had gone to court, but I guess they didnt want to go through all that mess to do it. Specialized knows it so they will keep doing this.

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Mads Kock
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by Mads Kock

Breaking news!!!

Just a rumour but maybe true - Specialized is going to sue Cancellara for winning RVV on a Trek bike!!!

by Weenie

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by wingguy

Calnago wrote:What I don't understand at all is why companies, particularly Pinarello... whose bikes are copied like cheap watches and everywhere... don't take a more aggressive approach to all the fake Dogmas etc., out there.

Same reason Rolex don't take a more aggressive stance against the guy selling fakes out of his coat at the local flea market. Some things are simply beyond your control.

You think Pinarello et al don't want to crack down? You try filing an IP lawsuit against a Chinese company in China and see what it gets you. :noidea:

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by mrfish

It's not surprising - when you're a marketing led business which does nothing but design, source and distribute what is essentially a commodity product you fight every trademark battle like it's your last. The point of this action probably wasn't to get Neil Pryde to change the name of its bike. More likely it was to send a message to everyone in the industry that Specialized owns this space, thus preventing future legal expenditure.

The inference that Specialized thinks we are all idiots unable to understand European languages is unfortunate, but likely this is true for many of their core customers.

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by mattr

CBJ wrote:Also trademarking is clearly not as easy as some think it is.
That's half the problem, it's too damn easy to trademark (or patent) something in the US system.
Trademarking the word "Roubaix" in most (not all) of the European systems would either be laughed out, or they'd just take your money, as the word is in common use, everywhere.

You'd need far deeper pockets than specialised to defend a trademark like that (if it was even awarded in the first place!).

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by Grossglockner

Spesh sucks big time, and also all their products.

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by mattr

You just have to hope they don't develop a climbing bike named after your favorite climb.

The specialised grossglockner.........

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by AndreLM

Am I in trouble? :twisted: :twisted:

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by Attermann

He should have made the new name dontsueme :D

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by gazrichards

Surely the problem here isn't between allez and alize but alize and speciALIZEd.
Or maybe some combination of the 2?

Maybe users of the English language should sue SpecialiSed for poor grammar and spelling!

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by audiojan

About the dumbest move since Specialized tried to get rid of Cafe Roubaix. They are most certainly not making friends in the cycling world.

I bet NP just thought it's less expensive to change the name than to spend the money on legal fees in a court battle (that I'm pretty sure NP would've won…).

Definitely no Specialized products for me!
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by tharmor

@cyclocosm is trying his best to get it all sorted out!



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by djconnel

Saying Alize is "similar" to Allez is arguably racist. Specialized should just claim trademark on all French-sounding names and be done with it.

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by SLCBrandon

I love how black or white this board is. I'm assuming the demographic here is mostly educated, well to do people. This is so much more multi-layered than it's being given credit for. But, hell, let's all just be amateur lawyers on the Internet! Yay!

A lot of people here "have it all figured out". Congratulations.

by Weenie

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by spdntrxi

Innovate or Die ? really ? that is downright stupid sounding

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