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by bruno2000

I'm thinong about a new Canyon Ultimate CF SLX frameset.
And I know htere are many topics about the sizes of Canyon.
Maybe somebody can help me out.
I doubt a medium or a large frame

Saddle-height from center to top is 77cm.
I'm afraid a size L will be too big?

Setback of the saddle is no problem in both frames

Front tip saddle to center handlebar I'm at 55cm.
SO I could do a sie M with a 120/130mm stem or a size L with a 110mm stem.

Regardin the headtube, for a size M frame I would need 2.5mm spacer

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by asdf123

Go with M. Easy.

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by Stolichnaya

Well hold on there a minute - if you are calculating 2.5 mm above that chunky top cap from Canyon on the M size then go with the L - then you can buy the shorter top cap and have the front end dropped down tight and clean.

Also check what stem length comes with each frameset - Canyon upcharges any changes on the standard stem provided - or at least they used to (annoying).


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by bananasbrah

I'd go for the medium personally, but only you can know whether you prefer being on a larger or smaller frame.
If you contact Canyon alongside your order I'm sure they will be happy to swap out the stem for a different length.

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by bruno2000

Thank you guys for the help.
I will contact Canyon along my ordering-proces.

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