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by Danny

Hey people,

I need some help, i want to purchase some new pedals to replace my shimano 505's (450grams), these are basically the cheapest spd pedal on the market. Now the thing is these pedals work great no complaints there, its just they are fairly heavy, now do you reckon it is worth me spending loadz more and getting say a pair of look 4x4 egg beaters (steal) or Speedplay Frog cromo's which are considerably lighter. Will it actually make any difference at the end of the day though? i mean pedals are rotational mass right, so must be quite important?

And does anyone own either of two pedals i mentioned? i would really appreciate some information on them, especially the Frog cromo's!

Many thanx!!! :)


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by polaris

The pedals may rotate, but I really wouldn't worry about their 'rotational mass'. They only rotate in a low radius circle and don't need to accelerate in the same way as a wheel.

The options you mention are definitely light, and you would get used to the slightly different 'feel' quite quickly. Only problems might be reliability. Shimanos are bullet proof, egg beaters tend to wear quickly (particularly cleats).
.....but it still has to work!


by Danny

Thanx thats really helpful, maybe i'll stick with what i've got then


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by jam23

Hello Danny!
Now I have on my bike egg beater pedals, I put them on my bike thinking on the weight, but they have more advantages.
The mud save, four sides to clip, only with a change of the cleats on the shoes you have 5 or 15 degrees of movement, a little maintenance...and the weight (also).
Only one thing, if you use it with your street shoes, be careful, if your shoe slips on the pedal......wooow!, your shin will have another "war" mark, it hurts!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
A good pedal!
Excuse my English, it is not my mother tongue.

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