Does anyone have an ANT+ enabled phone? (s4, note3, xperia)?

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by theStig

Do any of you have an ANT+ enabled android phone and an ANT HRM? I wrote an app that works with the ANT+ signal from most heart rate straps but I have limited devices to test on. If any of you can help test, I'd really appreciate it.

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by Privateer

I just bought an Nexus 5.

A quick search suggests that it doesn't support ANT+ natively, but perhaps can be modded to:

I'm happy to test for you... if you promise it won't break my phone!

by Weenie

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by maxxevv

You'll be looking at the previoous generation of Sony Xperia phones.

There were a few models that came with native ANT+.

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by theStig

here is the app. ... ometerfree

I had some problems especially with some non english language users. I'm curious to see what different straps/phones experience.

thanks in advance!

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by sanrensho

I have an Xperia Ion with native ANT+ and generic ANT+ strap. Would be happy to try out your app, but I'm getting a message "No eligible devices for app install."

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by FlemishCompact

I'll test your app thoroughly when I upgrade to next gen galaxy next month

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by joec

I have used sony Xpiria x10i and an xpiria mini,

the x10i was pretty good, but the battery life isnt great when using a gps based application, think in terms of 3 hrs,

the xpiria mini seemed to hang up a bit the clock on the apps would stop for 10 secs and then jump to where it should be, I think the processor was a bit slow for this kind of thing, also I'm sure only the mini and not the mini pro with the slide out keyboard has the Ant+ capablity.

Also phones seem to be suceptable to reseting if they take a whack, I think the battery contact jolts open circuit,

the upshot was... i ended up picking up a garmin 705 second hand for 110 quid, really good battery life ( like 15hrs+) plus turn by turn navigation and a good display. just better suited generally.

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by shotgun

Samsung's firmware update to KitKat for S4 phones are said to make it Ant+ compatible.

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by makoti

Just d/l'ed it today. Just got the free version. I'll try it out tonight. What's the pull of the paid? Advantages?
I don't see where you've asked for permission to rob my contacts, link to facebook, or track my every move. Are you sure this will work? ;-)
Galaxy s4, btw. Rooted, otherwise stock.

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by makoti

Gave it a shot. Found my Garmin HR strap right away. Started reading. Backed out to try to find settings & such. It had a problem finding my strap. I had to try about 5 times to get it to do it. Eventually, it did. Worked fine, other than that.
It's pretty bare bones. That's fine for free, but it would be very nice to be able to stop/start it. I was using it while I slept, to check RHR & I had to open it right before I wanted to go to sleep. And, could stop it when I woke up. Would be nice to be able to do that & save the readings.
And to be able to exit the app. Can't find a way to do that either. If I'm missing stuff, let me know. I do like it. Clean & simple.
I'd send you a PM, but...I'm so new. ;-)

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by rupps5

S4 here,I will give the app a shot. I use ipbike now and it is great just a little complicated.

Gotta add power, and gps to it now...

by Weenie

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by quattrings

I have an Xperia acro s, but I only have a Suunto HR strap. Suunto uses encrypted transmission as far as I'm aware of, but I will give it a shot none the less. :thumbup:

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