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by Zoro

bikewithnoname wrote:Mr Gib. Campag 11 wheels are compatible with Shimano 11, so feel free to consider Campagnolo too going forward
I did not know this. So my Extralite Ultra Rear SX version 2.0 where I specified 11spd Shimano, will also take any Campy 11sp?

I just looked on the little yellow sheet and it says "Cassette: Campagnolo or Shimano /Sram"


by Weenie

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

RookieB wrote:Correct me if im wrong but these issues were only with a few first batches & are no longer an issue.

Still an issue.

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by coloclimber

on that Wilier:
Campagnolo Super Record Shifters, FD, RD, SR ti crankset, SR cassette (or even SRAM red cassette to save some grams), KMC x 11 SL DLC chain, EE brakes, alligator i-link or aican housing, KCNC ti cables.

on some other frameset:
DA 9000 Shifters, FD, RD with ceramic speed pulleys, THM crankset with ceramicspeed bearings, Praxxis chainrings, KMC x 11 SL DLC chain, EE brakes, Sram Red Cassette, alligator i-link or aican housing, KCNC ti cables.
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by dgran

They all do the job just fine. I would decide this primarily based on what other bikes I have because I want the option to easily swap wheels and other things. My wife and I have chosen to standardize on Shimano, but in my heart I know we would be just fine with the others. I do know that each of them have their own aspects that you will either love or hate, so you just need to try them all out. I dislike the visceral shift action of SRAM but I know others feel at home with it.

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by Jagcolo

Campy SR on that frame. Anything else will not be right.

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by emorydptt

Italian components on an Italian bike!
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by veloflyte

I think Shimano still has the best functioning bicycle components. Perhaps the better decision is which shifter / brake lever fits your hand better....since both campy and SRAM function good also.

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by HammerTime2

emorydptt wrote:Italian components on an Italian bike!
Exactly!!! Italian components made in Romania on an Italian bike made in China or Taiwan. The way God intended it. :beerchug:

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