fondriest P$ carbon frame?

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by Superlite

You know what, I tried to help you prevent from making a mistake, but you act ungrateful and like a snob. Almost every post from you has been either negative or rude to me. You have a serious chip on your shoulder.

And spytech, whats your problem with my post? I have nothing against the manufacturer, I even said the new frames are top notch a few posts ago. Just saying it the way it is. Sure my words are harsh, I'm being blunt in order to get to point across. I explained the issues on a few posts ago.

Frame has a harsh ride, poor construction, i.e. the aluminum lugs are known to come unbonded from the frame :shock: ( didn't mention that earlier) , very heavy 1300g + for a 54 or 56cm frame, and outrageously priced for it's short life, production cost for frame was under $700, and got pumped up to 3799 as a MSRP, well beyond normal profit margin for high end frames. With typical high end frame mark up's it should have gone for $2000 tops.

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by cyclemanpat

Superlite......I wasn't being mean to you, i was just pointing out how Spytech was talking to you. I am glad you told me about the frame and appreciate your help! Yes, we have had our troubles in the past.......but not this time

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by Francois_Viviers

Here is a review from someone who has actually riden one ... ndriest_P4

Seems to have been the bike that cheat Rumsas used when he did well in the Tour

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by nicrump

Francois_Viviers wrote:Not sure about this bike but have seen the production line for Fondriest top carbon, and to say that his carbon bikes are crap is a bit harsh, they have a big pricetag, but his production line for carbon is 2nd to none, it looked like a lab that gets cleaned and disinfected every day, to mention that TREK in the same breath is just misguided, as they just bond tubes. The Fondriest top carbon is a pure work of art, I have only ever seen one at a show.

I totally agree but with exception on the P4. Its a total trigon job and has notbeen sold by Fond in a couple years.

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