Headsets: Lightest/Most Durable- Thoughts/recomendations?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by vidman

I'm about to build up my "perfect" road bike and I'm looking at every single part, bolt, cable, etc and weighing up options for each peice (yes... OCD). Weight is very importaint of course but so is durability and the look of each part (its the designer in me). Every part so far is pretty easy to research, get opinions, etc about and come to my own conclusion, but headsets seem to be lacking in much thought or information (unless my searching sucks). :noidea:

So- What is YOUR fav intergrated headset for a 1 1/2 to 1 1/8 steerer and why?
Most durable?
Best looking cone spacer (eg- not a huge cone tower or tacky graphics)?

Enlighten me oh wise ones... :wink:

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by DMF

Cane Creek 40 bearings (if money no object, 110 bearings) and matching Cane Creek center wedge, Pro-Lite splitted aluminum crown race, and PRO carbon (UD) cone spacer. Was my 'perfect headset' for current build. Why? Because the perfect headset doesn't exist so you have to mix n match. A bit modified bung too, originally from the standard generic type (M Part in this case)

by Weenie

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by mrfish

Chris king is always nice:
+ Reliable, close to zero maintenance when used on the road
+ Many colours, although silver and black sotto voce are enough
+ Warranty in case it fails x years down the road
+ Any size you want
- Reassuringly expensive
- Not the lightest

Otherwise KCNC Morion and Tune are nice.

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by davidalone

Chris King is without doubt the most reliable and durable. no contest here. there's a reason why they have such a good warranty, because they don't need them/ have one on the spare bike . havent serviced it since the day it was installed 10 years ago and it still runs smooth.

it's not the lightest, but it is pretty, and it there are other places you can shave grams from.

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by LionelB

CK or CC110

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