Alpha 340 wind sensitive?

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by fitty4

Last year I bought some alpha 340 road rims with tune hubs, cx ray, 24/28 two layers of B.O.R rim tape and som ultremo zx tires. I weighed 59 kg when using the wheels and have never ridden aero wheels but this setup feels wind sensitive.
When there is a lot of wind or riding + 35 km/h or drafting it seems harder to turn the wheels, it is like I'm stuck on a rail and I can't get of it, (a bit of exaggeration) is this what it feels like to ride tall rims?

At first when I tried them I thought it was the tires that were rolling from side to side and I was afraid the tires were going to pop off, first I mounted some ultremo dd as training tires but the blew off the rim an hour later while just standing against the wall in my apartment so that was why I was a little concerned riding them.

Any opinions about wind sensitivity is much appreciated cheers

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by tinozee

I ride those rims as trainers in New England on the water (= very windy). I don't notice any wind issues with crosswinds. In fact, it's a treat to switch to the Stans from any of my deep section rims (zipp 404, Reynolds 66) and notice the crosswind effect go away. Maybe it is being in the draft alone that is making you feel stuck on a rail? Do you notice it riding alone?

Also, are your current tires tubeless ready? If so, they lock in and you can pretty much forget any worries of rolling off a tire.
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by audiojan

Not in the least sensitive! Had these rims buildup with Alechemy hubs and CX-Ray spokes, never had any issue with wind
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by deltree

340s are ~23mm deep no? I had some 20/24 built up with a Powertap G3. No issues with the wind at all, I weighed in at 63kg back then.

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by kulivontot


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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

Those rims are too shallow to be unpredictable. I think it's just the nature of riding a lighter wheelset, particularly with such a light rim. They simply feel more twitchy than a heavier, deeper counterpart which may make them seem as if they're wind sensitive.

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by fitty4

Thanks for the replies!

@tinozee tires are clinchers, I get this feeling alone also particularly in headwind wind about +15 meters pr second (54 kmh)

@Zen Cyclery maybe you are right.

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by SpinnerTim


The Alphas are nothing like riding a deep (traditional x-section) aero wheel. In crosswinds, those tend to yank erratically like a dog on a leash rather than railing a single line. If you're considering this type of rim, definitely demo a set on a windy day before you buy, because the Alphas that give you pause are absolutely docile compared to a 45-60mm+ aero rim.

I've had issues with first-generation A340s, but crosswind performance wasn't one of them.


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by fitty4

It's not that they feel like a crazy dog on a leash, quite the opposite, If you have tried riding a bike with a headset that has been tighten to much that is what it feels like. Now I know it is not the same as riding tall rims. I have no problems in crosswinds only in headwind or drafting, the higher the speed the worse it feels

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