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by drmutley

I'm in Australia and am after a headset bearing dust cover, similar to the STS style. Now that STS have made it harder to purchase the dust cover OS, I'm wondering if there are any others available online? eBay and Google isn't showing much... Any suggestions guys?
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by drmutley

grover wrote:

Out of stock/doesn't make them no more/not a nice guy to deal with

Any others?

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Depending on what you ride, Pinarello have one. DeGrandi's fitted it with my Graal.


Give them a call. I'd say they'll have some unbranded ones too.

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by trychle

Cobb cycling offers a 5mm topcap.

Can be bought here, and a small write-up can be found here.


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by HillRPete

Looking for one too, with EU availability. Any leads? Cheers.

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by DartanianX

FSA do one. They hooked me up with this when I was sponsored by them.


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by canbakay

Tinea Pedis wrote: my Graal

Nice! Do you have a thread for that in the introduction?

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by drainyoo

I got a 8mm carbon one on eBay that weights 5g. You have to search for "conical headset spacer".

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by Sjoerd

Nice, thanks for sharing that.

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by G60

If it's for a CAAD10 (Cannot verify fitment with anything else), any BMX Campy spec headset dust cover should fit.

I got a complete BMX headset that included a 15mm and 5mm dust cover for about $20 USD on eBay.
Didn't weigh it, but it feels substantially lighter than the 25mm Tange dust cover that came with my CAAD10.


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by tinozee

I'd love one of these too, as low as possible. It looked like the sts ones were only like 1-2mm. I see a lot of bikes now with the stem right on the bearing, with maybe a few micro spacers in there.

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by drmutley

Yep the STS ones are 1mm

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by 1415chris

Thanks for the tip with zodiac cup. 44mm that is what I'm looking for.
But 24$ for shipping puts me in the search mode again.

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