Updates on my new bike (Praise on Praxis and Storck)

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by 2old4this

I’ve got to praise Praxis on their customer support.

I was having a shifting issue on one of their chainrings. Finally ran out of options and send a message to Praxis, asking how to adjust the FD. They asked to see a picture and said they suspect a manufacturing issue. “Will I be willing to try a replacement one?” On the second morning, I got a new set, along with a note “Do I mind sending the old one back if the second one fixes the issue?” The new one worked much much better and I sent the old one back.
I still do prefer (slightly) the shifting of the Dura Ace rings. But Shimano has never ever been this good on warranty issues. Praxis is a clear winner on customer support.

Now on Storck…

I’ve had a few bikes in the past. The last frame I bought is a Storck Fenamolist, and I really am loving it. I thought its stiffness will help me on the climbs (which it did) but I didn’t think I will be able push the bike on downhills this much. It simply is rigid but comfortable. It is kind of difficult to explain; when I start pedaling it feels like the bike wants to go. Flats or climbs doesn’t matter, it just starts moving. After a 40-50 mile ride, with some climbs (~3000 ft), I do not feel I am that much tired either. OK, it is not a weight weenie frame (901 gr on my scale) but I am liking it…

by Weenie

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by tallicaboy

Riding a F0.7 now.
But not sure if I have the same feel like you do.
It has a really long reach campared to other frames that have a same EFF TT
so I run a 100mm stem on it and felt quit nimble when descent.

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by 2old4this

You are right, the geometry may not for everyone. And their size increments, well, they are simply too far apart. But if it works for you, I think it is a great frame.

Another problem is their existence (or the lack of it) in the US. Fascenario (both 0.6 and 0.7) simply too expensive (ridicules???) to give them a try, and the used ones are really really rare. If you are a weight weenie, Fenomalist is a good alternative just to test (I think their geometry are the same.)

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