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by nealrab

You can definitely get Lakes for good prices if you wait until end of season sales...I've managed to pick up lots of CX236's for great pricing...Google or ebay...they're great shoes overall.

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by Devon

I'd forgotten about this post! The Lake's look great! Will definitely look into those. The matte black ones posted on the rpevious page actually look better than the S Works too ime.
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by keith

davidalone wrote:... friends who use the S works say it's a good shoe... that lasts 2, at most 3 seasons tops.

Don't think this model has been out that long..., could be wrong though.

I had a much older s-works pair and they lasted around 4 years. Damaged the left one in a spil in the 1st year, but kept using them. Sold them in the end as I felt they were just a little too small for my feet. Got half my money back on eBay, which I thought was pretty good.

Switched to Sidi Erogo 3? (Can't remember really), but again the fit was only ok for my feet, a bit too narrow for me. Still have that pair.

Bought the S-Works in matt black when it came out - very pleased with the fit. Same size as my last pair, but very comfy, great adjustment, no issues even on 200km rides. I think they look good too. The surface seems to resist scuffs quite well. Would like a pair in luminous orange or green!! Seems a popular colour around here at the moment :D
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by bluesea

Re: S-Works 3 yr sizing trend.

I've had 2012, 2013, and tried on the 2014 yesterday. Preferring a close fit, am very particular with shoe sizing *and* sock thickness.

The '12 S-Works were great, although a tiny bit too wide and a bit too much volume. The '13 S-Works had gratifyingly less vol, with basically the same width as the '13.

Since it was only a store fit, I'll hold off on conclusions regarding fit for the '14 model. However I will say the reason I didn't buy the S-Works this year (dam!), is they were scrunching my toes a little. I could try them out and they might work, but decided not to experiment. They definitely have less vol than the 2013 ( which had less vol than the 12) and maybe a bit less width.

My previous shoe was the Sidi 6.6 45 Mega, which is wide enough but has a bit too much volume. My guess as to reason I preferred the 12 S-Works over the Sidi is the overall last shape. I think the Sidi has a more toe down shape, and while I don't think I ankle, it seems at 5 o'clock my heels seem to be lower than most.

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by ToffieBoi

Specialized shoes are not narrow fit.

I have a narrow feet, and the best fitting shoe was "Northwave Extreme Tech" for me.

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by Devon

I think I've got it. Pending trying a pair on, I think the Lake CX237 is the best option. Almost identical aesthetics to the S Works with the same double BOA system, for half the price. Arguably better looking as it's not plastered in branding like the S Works.

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by kgt

Nice shoes.

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