Reliability of BTP Carbon Shifter Clamps

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by drainyoo

How reliable are these clamps? Would love to hear from people using them. I've done some searching, and it seems like they hold up, but I've also found posts that suggest that the clamps can fail, but I haven't been able to find any proof that this has actually happened.

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by mdeth1313

I thought this was covered at one point, but the search isn't always that easy to use. I've had the same pair on my bike since about 2007. I inspect them regularly, but no issues.
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by drainyoo

Thanks. Yeah, the search ain't so great. I did find posts of people claiming that they would never use them because they fail, but I can't seem to find any real cases of this happening.

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by Frankie - B

I'm using them since 2012. Even rode over cobbled roads with them. Never even thought about them failing. these things are so good that you just forget they are there.
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by Juanmoretime

Mine are 2006 vintage and have seen a few shifters. I did crack one clamp on another bike but that was in a moment of stupidity when mounting a shifter thinking that I really did not need to use my torque wrench. Wrong!

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by serbelo

Using mine since 2012 and no issues. Although the aluminum screws are a bit soft and might round off if you're not careful.

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by drainyoo

Thanks folks. What is the recommended torque amount and did you guys use carbon paste between the clamps and bars?

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by fdegrove


Been using these clamps since 2006 as well with no issues whatsoever.
I did not use any carbon mounting paste but I suppose you could.
Maximum recommended torque is 10N for Campa shifters. No idea what to use for different brands but I suspect it would be approximately the same value.
There aren't many of the original BTP ones still around as Bernard Langerbein stopped production.
As an alternative Schmolke is now offering the same product at a slightly reduced price (48 E vs 58E )


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