Decisions:CAAD 9 vs. CAAD 10

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by J00P

Personally, I do not like the slight curve in top tube of the CAAD9.
The only PRO in your list for the CAAD9 which is valid imho. is the orange color, which is awesome.
(Looks like the Klein in Sedona red: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=120044)
Just get a repainted Caad10 frame!

Every time you change bike, you'll lose some money, so if the additional $200,-
just means you'll have to hold on to the new bike a bit longer! :)

by Weenie

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by kman

Just to help confuse things a bit more, I'll vote for the 9. That paint job is awesome. I like the decals and I also like the slight curve in the top tube - both features that others have disliked! Haha.
I'm sure the 10 would be a great bike too but if you really want a 10, they'll be around for a while yet.
Like you've said, a 9 with bb30 is getting more desirable.
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by plpete

Get the one that will make you want to ride it. It's an emotional decision at this point. I have a nicely built up BMC that I love but my CAAD8 gets just as much love. I love the looks, performance and it's just something different in the sea of CAAD10s that are out there. I plan on keeping mine for good. Here is a pic of my 8 as it's quite similar to 9 with some minor changes. When I put on my race wheels, Rail52s with some gumwall tires it simply looks sick.


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