Help me to make a pedal choice

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by project3

most of my cycling mate uses the same pedal. can test each other bikes. :D

by Weenie

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by biker1974

Maybe you should try Xpedo Thrust 8 Carbon or Xpedo Thrust 8 Ti ? Price+weight= :D

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by jpac

+1 for shimano as well. used a couple different setups and my DA 7900's are by far the best i've used and have, imo, the best platform for weight transfer. I've tried speedplays and they feel like i'm balancing on a pole.

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by GuyGadois

I don't use them but Dura-Ace seem to be my group's preference

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by jpac

ya, they are great, never had any issues with them. i recommend them!!

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by mattythemod

Times Expresso for me have to say the cleats wear like cheese though !

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by Geoff

I still like the Look pedals best...

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by Juanmoretime

Cheese must wear different here because I'm 9 months into my first set of cleats and still work fine and there appears not to be much wear.

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by vtspot

I am too in the dilemma of choosing time xpresso 12 or Dura Ace 9000. They both are great, xpresso 12 is lighter but DA is more durable. Not sure what to choose yet.

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by Oswald

Just get a pair of Shimano PD-9000 and don't worry about pedals for the next decade.

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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

Time RXS.
I heard the new xpresso's have no issues anymore like the old ones had, but I also heard that hardly anything beats the RXS. I guess Shimano is about the same with regards to quality etc., but from what I read, the cleats on the RXS should last longer.

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by boots2000

I like Keo2max carbon (prior to 2014) with aftermarket longer Ward ti spindle.
189 grams per set. I probably get about 2 years out of a set of these.
Never had problems with body wear.
I keep moving the spindles when I replace pedals. Some of my spindles are 4 years old.

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by Stats

I've got a similar choice to make at the moment.

I used to use Look Keo Carbon's Cro-mo axle and when it came time to replace them I didn't think twice about putting a pair of Look Keo Blade's (Version 1, Cro-mo axle - 16nm) and they've been good pedals. But, I recently bought a new bike and am now considering the Dura Ace 9000 pedals instead of the Look Keo Blade V2's...

The Look Keo Blade pedals I've not had a problem with, however I can detect play in the bearings by hand (not in use) and they don't seem to spin as freely as the original Look Keo Carbon's that I had, but that could be due to the blade causing the pedal to be more balanced than the 'rear heavy' design previously due to the spring located in the rear.

Everyone seems to chant the reliability of the Dura Ace pedals, however, after asking one very reliable source on WW his experience, he noted himself and one other that have had bearing problems on the DA9000 pedals...

I still can't decide but am still swaying towards the DA's over the Look's... I can't help thinking about the small amount of play in my current Look pedals and a bike shop owner who also recommended the DA's over Look... back when I bought the Look's originally it was an easy choice with the DA's being significantly heavier and uglier, but now...

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by Ypsylon

I had Kéos on all my bikes, and after riding two of them to the point where the clip on mechanism failed me mid ride I bought a pair of Ultega pedals and like them a lot. Pretty sure that's what I'll do again. I'll just try and do a better job anticipating when the Kéos will be done. Cliping in and out is about the same, stability is a bit better with Shimano, IME, and walking is a lot better for Shimano, too.
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by mythical

This thread is an excellent opportunity to plug Coombe Millennium II pedals. Yes, my favorite pedal maker is back in business! These pedals offer stable foot retention, excellent durability, great pedaling ergonomics and a low weight to boot. I had virtually no maintenance in the 4-5 years I rode my Pro Pedals (old version).

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by Weenie

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