Eddy Merckx Team SC - Domo Farm Frites 6230 gr

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by maverick_1

A frame that needs no further introduction.
The original Domo Farm Frites Eddy Merckx Team SC, in traditional geometry.
I rode the exact same color/model back in 2002, albeit slight changes in the graphics. Sold it, upgraded to Merckx's GX2/MXM in 2004, and regretted since.

Based on the downtube graphics, I'm pretty certain that this is a 2001 model.
Saving this up for a later built, still contemplating to go for a period correct 10 speed Record, or 11 speed... :?:


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by Geoff

Ok, thats nice. Team SC is one great bike.

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by theosaurus

I love these frames, it should be good whatever you put on it.
yes, but how much does it weigh?

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by ronderman

I've had two - and that is, in my mind, the best livery in a long, long, long time.

My first one was a 2000 and was made with DEDA tubing and had a horizontal TT. It got slammed by a car and ripped the top tube and down tube like paper - the fork stayed completely intact.

The second one was an actual DOMO painted frame and had a few changes to the paint from my previous frame, but had a wicked slope to the TT. The buyer I got it from had dented the top tube - it was too sloping for my tastes.

The broken one, I have it hanging in my basement with all my bike stuff.

ENJOY!!!! It's a great frame

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by Valbrona

A classic.

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by vlastrada

Love it, iconic team bike from the dark years :-)

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by Rumsas

You amaze me with you great taste one more time.
I agree, whatever you put on this sweet frame, it will be awesome. As long it's not Shimano

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by SWijland

Sweet frame! Never did like the carbon tape on the chain stays though.

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by maverick_1

Build pics!

All the way from Fairwheelbikes AZ to Tokyo.
Extralite's new Hyperstem, -12deg angle, 110mm.



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Look Image

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by Frankie13

Wow, what a classic looking sweet ride!
Well done!

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by dogg

oooh. nice that. always been fond of the Domo/Merckx frames after that legendary podium sweet at roubaix

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by micky


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by upside

Nice job.. that frame is VERY hard to find!

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by LionelB


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