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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by etownfwd

I read it also. I was about to mention it in the "Leg Muscles" thread in Training started by LJ, but I guess I was simply too lazy to post. I've worked in YMCA's before and I can't imagine someone breaking a schwinn, nautilus, or any other heavy freewheel bike! Then again, lets see if it translates over to the road for Eoin O'Donnell. I'll bet he's a FAR better sprinter than a climber, though...

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by mrowkoob

I´ve worked as an instructor for about 5 years. They break. I´ve broken about 7-8 of them. Depending on brand they have different weaknesses. Pedal breakage followed by Crank breakage is the most common, Chains are next (not all spinners are chain driven). Handlebars,seatposts you name it, if it´s on the bike sooner or later it will break. Maintenance is the key they collect huge amounts of sweat in every possible place and thus corrode from the inside unless you maintain them dayly. Work in a gym? Take the saddle post of a schwinn or a handlebar and lie it on it´s side liters will pour out unless this is done atleast once a week. A lot of gym´s i´ve working did not maintain their bikes very well. They just repaired them when they broke. Some of these bikes are used 6 hours a day by different riders 7 days a weeks 320 days a year.... they break, just like a roadbike does.Funny story about that guy, sounds a lot like how I got into riding. Spinnning is great training but it does not give you the stamina for long distance riding (no matter how many hours you spin a day) and most importantly it does not give you the technique needed to ride in a group or any sense of tactics on race day. All of that has to be learned from scratch and it´s not easy. That said, best of luck to him.
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