Road or MTB helmet version : any differences ?

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by LouisN

I'm looking at the new Limar Ultralight+ helmet.

I like the matte black MTB version (and it's cheaper :P ). I keep looking at the helmet and I can't find any differences between the road and MTB models, besides the removable front "shelf" :lol: .
Any known major construction, solidity, WEIGHT, or standards differences between these models ?

Louis :)

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by davidalone

none, probably. go with the mtb and take off that visor.

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by lannes

I suspect it's only weight

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by project3

For shape I think no but the models. roadie don't buy mtb helmet like fox flux or giro hex and take out the visor. Look weird.

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by cwoolee

it has a visor or not

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by eric01

Buy based on fit. Take off visor and your good to go

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by mattr

Bell have done the same in the past, so have giro.
Identical helmets in different colours , one with a peak and mounting hardware for the mtber, one without for the road. Mounting hardware I've seen is usually two tiny plastic poppers, so the weight change is within the variability of the helmet anyway.

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