SRAM Red vs Red 22 Crankset

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by timzcat

Is there really any difference between the 10 spd and 11 spd cranksets? Are the chainrings different between the two?

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by timzcat

Wow nobody knows? Can anyone point me in the right direction for doco that might lead to some clues?

Only two issues I can see are ring spacing and ring thickness that they might have changed.

by Weenie

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by Frankie - B

Please keep in mind that this community is global. the people 'in the know' might be asleep on the other side of our planet. They might be at work as well.

If you would be so kind to wait for 24 hours, that would be great.

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by deek

I heard cranks are the same but the rings are different. The chain should be a little narrower for 11s so it would make sense that the rings would need to be a little closer together.

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by Dimitri

I have extensive experience with the new 10s group and the yaw fd on the proper rings and the old version. to this point we have only done 1 11s group, which I didn't fit/tune.

I am guessing you are asking will 11s shifters/chain work with 10s crank/rings. I would say you will definitely be able to get a satisfactory result.

you might have to compromise and put up with some rub in the 39-11.

if there is any difference it will be in the chairing's only. worse case, try it, see if it works, buy the rings if needed.

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by fa63

The answer to your question is here, happy reading: ... rst-rides/

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by topflightpro

I'd be that VeloNews is going to do a compatibility test in the near future.

I'll add that I was told by someone with good knowledge of the products that the cranks are the same but the chainrings are slightly different, and it should be possible to swap 10-speed chainrings for 11-speed.

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by pdlpsher1

I have the new Red 22 110BCD rings on order. I will compare them to my existing Red 2012 rings. I'm upgrading to Di2 11-speed and I want to make sure I have the correct rings to match the 11-speed chain. They are special order items from my LBS however the price was reasonable for the set ($120).

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by gaisdergerman


Is there any difference between the red 22/10 speed crank?

I wan't to buy a 22 red crank and use it with a 10 speed set-up.

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by timzcat

Cranks are the same, rings are different. I got my answer from SRAM themselves.
So I went ahead with the SRAM Red 22 PM and just put my Praxis rings on them since I am still running 10 Spd.

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by gaisdergerman


But the sram 22 rings won't work with the 10 speed red groep?

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by gospastic

I recently upgraded from 10sp to 11sp and had both cranksets side by side. It was really hard to tell a difference. I took the rings off and tried to find thickness differences but didn't see anything. If there are difference they are very subtle.

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by gaisdergerman

Do you know if the gap between the inner and outher ring is the same?

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by Wcl4

I run red 11sp cranks with red 10sp gearing/chain and it all seems to work fine. Granted it was first time out with the bike for a 10mi test ride.

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by drainyoo

However, the spider’s tab thickness on the crankset is the same, so all of the spacing difference is in the rings. This means you can put new 11-speed rings on the 2012 Red 10-speed cranksets.

From that Bike Rumor article. That's good news, because the 22 seem to be more available than the 10-speed version. No idea why. Going to pick these up and swap the rings for Extralites.

by Weenie

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