Lightest 45mm-ish --DISC SPECIFIC-- clinchers for CX

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by carbon2329

I an getting a disc CX rig for some local races

They are 60-80mile races, mainly on dirt roads and some pavement. CX is the perfect bike, of course.
The races are supported but not for wheel changes. So I am looking for clincher that is about 45mm in depth.I have stan's iron cross disc rims now (to compare weight= about 1575gm-ish, I believe)

This is for disc brakes, so I don't really know what light options are out there.

I want disc specific rims, of course, I want light. :D :D

Please help!

P.S. The depth is purly for looks,... yes I am a vain WW. :D :lol:

-Reynolds has some now
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by Beancouter

I have farsports 38mm clincher with novatec hubs and cx ray spokes. Lightweight and spin well. Can't comment on durability yet, but I have non disc on my road bike and they are holding up well.

by Weenie

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by carbon2329

I actually thought of those and figured it didn't matter if they have a brake track, but I was curiuse if there are disc specific one come out that are light and deep.

I know ENVE is coming out with a disc specific 3.4 for road and CX (without brake track).

I know Reynolds has a set coming out too.

Any others.

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by mvacolnago

Enve makes a 29er disc specific clincher, but it is only 31mm tall, it is a claimed 389 grams for the clincher version and 282 grams for tubular

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by mpower

Zipp 303 Disc tubular or clincher.

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maddog 2
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by maddog 2

decent disc wheels are starting to come through

Miche, Vision, Reynolds, Hope, DT Swiss and Cole are some of the ones I've spotted so far. Whether you can actually buy them is another thing.

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by ZachUA

I've been wondering about some 38mm-ish carbon wheels for CX. Mainly looking at the china versions. I see farsports has some 38mm clinchers under their road category (they only have 50mm tubulars in cx category and nothing comes up under their mtb category).

Would this "road" rim be sufficient for the beating it would take in cx?

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by mattr

Most CX bikes are equipped with road rims/wheels anyway, sometimes with a slightly higher spoke count.
Running a nice sized tyre at a reasonable pressure takes most of the nasty impacts out.

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by Quicksilver

Expensive but good: AX-Lighness Premium MTB 29" Clincher Extralite 1210 g/set Rim weight (+/- 5 %) 325 g/piece ... -clincher/
Carbon statt Kondition.

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by HillRPete

With road carbon clinchers in the 45mm range you are looking at a weight in the 500g ballpark (Enve 45s: 470g, Zipp 303 FC: 500g). They need to handle high pressure and braking, after all. If you want light, listen to Quicksilver.

What tyres do you want to run, Wide road ones, or fast CX? Depending on your choice, rim width and max pressure might have to be considered as well.

Also semi-shallow (24-38mm, whatever) carbon wheels look awesome on most bikes, no idea what you got, though.

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by pushstart

What about the Light-Bicycle U45 rim? They can build a disc wheelset with Novatec hubs or you can order the rims build yourself. You can order them without the brake surface. I just built some for (disc) road use 28/28. They are really nice rims and claim to be tubeless-ready (I am not using them tubeless currently).

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by ACree

I was seriously considering the light bicycle 45mm U rim until I saw these Working on building up a disc brake cross right now myself for some mixed surface events like these I went with Hed Belgium + NMSW on White Industries CLD hubs for now.

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by pushstart

Yeah, the Whisky rims look very nice. My motivation in going with LB rims was mostly price. Full wheelset with Novatec and CX Ray was ~$800. Could have had them built by LB (w/ Pillar spokes) for less than $700, but would rather build them myself and wanted thru-axle front hub which they didn't stock. Anyway, I am very pleased with the end result.

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by kampiakseli

Ryde Pulse Comp disc rims (both under 330gr without decals) Novatec hubs and CN 424 aero spokes (28) 1351gr together. Clinchers.

Same hubs and spokes with Chinese 38mm carbon clinchers with no brake track 1515gr. Clinchers.

by Weenie

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by sanrensho

Well done. How are the Ryde rims holding up and what is your weight? I'm thinking of these rims for a road disc wheelset.

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