Cipollini RB1K: a short lived affair....ISP CRACKED :( pp 3

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by anquetil


My Čipo M size 2012 model was 1178 g frame only, is this original? Complete bike with LW and DA Di2, Speedplay, was 6480 g.

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by vlastrada

ah Anquetil, that does sounds like a more acceptable weight...have a look at the pics does it look like a fake to you?

OK let me come clean, I got for $1k on Alibaba (hence RB$1k)....because i want to die on a descent at 70kph while my fork breaks...yey!! ;-)

Seriously, though i am guessing your frame more exposed carbon and less/no fat pearlescent paint, cut seat mast etc....then of course the fact that they are hand made and painted will also add quite a bit of variation...(my cheap kitchen scales could also be a bit off for a relatively heavy & leaning item). Still, it's a fatty! :-)

(*its not btw, you can tell fakes from a mile e.g look at the fork steerer pic 1K carbon, seat mast cutting tool, not to mention microchip etc and the fact that it was bought from authorized dealer)
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by plpete

So how did it ride? First impressions? It really did look great in person :thumbup: Personally not a fan of the silver Aligator iLinks but thats just me nitpicking ;)

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by vlastrada

First impressions are that it rides absolutely AMAZING. Rock solid. Like I always imagined non stock pro bikes would (not saying it is one, tho arguably not far off).

Sure, there may be a bit of a placebo effect, and my legs were good, but still! It feels immensely stiff like an imaginary solid block of carbon would, it really jumps under efforts, super planted too. You feel potholes and blips on the road definitely feel it, just damped, but always feeling rock solid. No remote hint of front mech rubbing under power on steep sections done full on, not even close! Never ridden anything close (and the SLR01 is an great frame, too). But this is completely different, yup the RB1k is heavy, but at this point I couldn't care less (sorry WW ;-))....I hit Anglers pretty hard (some guys I bridged to tried to drop me), and then accelerated away with the biggest grin ever :mrgreen:

As for the housings you are right, white nokons would have looked better for example, but but as i mentioned earlier ilinks are half the weight and perform at least as well, so silver mini-i-links it is! If i get rid of those little black anti-scratch blobs they will look better IMO...but yhea, could be prettier :-) The shifting is the best I have ever experienced (good job Mike @ Cyclelife!), Campy SR mech, and probably the tautness of the frame helps, too.
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by fletch62

Pictures of finished bike?

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by plpete

So what you are saying is that it's a keeper ;) Really glad you like it and I wouldn't expect anything less from such a stout frame. It really looks chunky and that translates into the stiffness you describe. And definitely big props to Mike. I know he put in long hours on this and his attention to detail is second to none.

Hope you don't mind, I snapped this picture when I walked into the shop Saturday morning :) It does deserve some proper photos soon!


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by lone wheeler

ooh, i like that...a lot... 8)

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by PSM


So someone else are building your bike? :o

The building itself is half the fun!
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by drainyoo

Damn, that's sweet.

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by RookieB

Flying machine !

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by Ekorre

As previously said : Awesome!
Makes me want a Cipo bike real bad...

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by pavaobg


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by vlastrada

...lowered the front end some more and installed the kcnc ti campy BB ceramic bearings

with racing wheels ~6.6kg with all sensors and ~6.7kg with SRM PC7 as well ...(v approximate weights for now) but its going to be ~7kg with my training wheels & PC7 vs. the BMC's 6.6kg.... despite lighter housings and cables :unbelievable: (training wheels are mavic kysriums slrs)

Anyways it rides so awesome i don't care...will post pics Cheers :D

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by RippedUp

nathanong87 wrote:Image

Hilarious! That was the best part of the movie!! :D

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