Garmin magnets replacements

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by fifarafa

I'm wondering about how to replace Garmin magnets (speed/cadence sensor)... I found Icarus magnets on Ebay: ... &_from=R40
Of course every neodymium magnet will work and will be probably cheaper....more:)

I found also this: ... _parent=62

so do you know if EPS magnet will work with Garmin sensor?

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by tinozee

Hey I have used the magnets that go on the axle. My tip - use some sort of rubber glue with the magnet. I have had mine come off, even really strong ones that were only attached by magnetic force. I used some sort of rubber glue (just a small amount) like shoe goo which holds tight, and it peels off cleanly too. The magnet plus the glue keeps it locked in place. You can get magnets in 10 packs for like five bucks at hobby and craft stores.

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by Getter ... (neodymium)-magnet-to-replace-the-GSC-10-crank-arm-magnet

I used some silicone to keep the magnet from moving around too.

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by Juanmoretime

If you need one of the round magnets that goes in the pedal insert I have one in black. PM me and its yours.

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by Nebby

Has anyone found a source for magnets shaped similar to the icarus spoke magnet? I haven't had any luck, but I can't imagine they have a supplier that makes them in that shape specifically for them.

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