Scott R4 - 6,24 kg

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by monchito

Hi again.

Here comes some new pictures. In the first one you can see the molds i need to do the antischleck. I started based on the original that i made previously with iron. It has a complicate form so i need 4 molds to do the piece.

DSC04372 por monchito3000, en Flickr

Here you can see the molds for the spoodpley. I´m pretty sure that this pieces made in carbonfiber will not be strong enough, but the idea is to take the original steel ones, take off almost everything except the contact surface with the cleats, and fill again with CF. Seems a little complicate but the idea is to do some light but ethernal plates. The molds don´t look nice and "technological" but the form inside is perfect.

DSC04373 por monchito3000, en Flickr

And this pictures are from the mold of the brake piece. The first one is the mold and the piece waiting for the countermould. The green stuff is to allow some holes between the mold and the countermould to facilitate the separation later.

DSC03385 por monchito3000, en Flickr

And here the mold and the countermould.

DSC04376 por monchito3000, en Flickr

The next step is to do the thread rings in aluminium, and put that pieces and the CF together inside the molds. Simple :wink:

by Weenie

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by beepbeep

Wow! Inspiring thread :D

I was in Barcelona last year and got to ride the amazing Tossa coast road - beautiful!

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by oldmuthariley

inspiring stuff 8)

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by Wederkinck

Wow - Cool stuff!

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by nagge

This is WW taken to another level :unbelievable:
SuperSix EVO

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