caad10 bb30 quarq install help

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by mbohara

I like to DIY most all things and can't seem to find this info anywhere online:

I installed a used RED 2012 Quarq BB30 on my CAAD10 and was able to dial out play with the pictured preload adjuster and pictured spacers all well and fine (it only came with these). What confuses me is why my chainline with that provided drive-side spacer is so bad: even slightly cross chaining is very bad, much worse than with the Ultegra 6700+GXP adapter kit I was using before. Did I not receive another (smaller) drive side spacer, do I need to space that side on my own, or am I just as confused as I think I am? It looks as if there's still plenty of room before the inner ring hits the chain stay or the putty'd magnet hits the spider. Thanks.


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by upside

Go to the Quarq website.. they have a detailed page and video on installing with different bikes. Most of it is regarding the spacer.

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by mbohara

I think I may be getting closer. The black spacer that I referred to outside the preload adjuster isn't a spacer at all. That should be attached or bonded to the crank-arm. I got my crankset used and that piece is now loose, free to slide on the spindle. Because of this the Quarq tech docs made no sense to me as I had an unaccounted for spacer which was really just part of the crank.

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by LoggingMiles

how would that affect chainline if it were supposed to be there anyway? Just curious.

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by btompkins0112

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that you need to get a SRAM bb to work in a Cannondale BB30 frame.

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