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by Wingnut

"It's not the destination...it's the ride!"

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by prendrefeu

Surf looks really good, do you have a surfboard rack on that rig?

This happened yesterday while climbing:

Ironically it's one of the few parts on my bike that I never tuned/modified. The Wheels MFG "high quality" hanger snapped along its plane, throwing the derailleur up over the cassette and into the spokes. I guess I just put out "massive powa!!!" :roll:
Thankfully I was on a club century ride which had sag support, otherwise I would've been really screwed as it happened on an otherwise desolate road. The rest of the day was filled with condolences along the lines of "that really sucks" and "man, I'm so sorry"... but really, I didn't care. Still don't, and haven't been too bothered to assess damage yet. Maybe I'll get around to it tomorrow. It's just material goods, it will get fixed, life goes on. I'm just thankful this didn't happen on a downhill section.

Still laughing at what happened. :lol:
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by bombertodd

My wife's Wheel MFG hanger did the same exact thing on a climb too.

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by eurperg


From yesterday, 2 hour ride in -14°C, nice sunshine... Frozen lakes were like salt flats.

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by PSM

prendrefeu wrote:@This happened yesterday while climbing:


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by Juanmoretime

Ouch! Yes the material can be replaced and much cheaper and faster than bone, blood and skin.

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by Elrey

prendrefeu: When you take the hanger apart. Would you upload some pictures of the damage. Just to see the stressed material.

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by afalts


I wouldn't be too quick to blame the hanger. I have seen this happen on many well adjusted Red derailleurs. My theory is that the repeated stress of trying to shift into an easier gear, (you have to push through 2 'clicks' due to the double tap design) when you are already in your easiest gear knocks the derailleur out of alignment. What led me to this theory was one time working on a bike in the stand, the limit screw bent out of shape when I tried to 'shift into an easier gear when already in the easiest gear'. There hasn't been a bent limit screw every time I've seen it. One time the limit screw was torn from the body of the derailleur itself... from a WW trying to use nylon bolts.

The fact your cage has been pulled from the upper pulley wheel bolt, your chain in the spokes, and it looks like there is a bulge on the rear-most portion of the hanger, it looks like the derailleur went into the spokes, and wrapped around.

As a final note, the stress that I mentioned in the first paragraph, is not present with the design of Shimano & Campagnolo.

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by Kastrup

Technically not on the road but rather on thr slopes. A cyclist buddy and I decided to spend the winter training holiday in Norway and do some XC-skiing. As you can tell from the picture it's rather cold :)

"Stay cool and try to survive" A. Klier to the other members of the Garmin classics squad the night before P-R.

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by addictR1

Beautiful views guys.. surely these are not cellphone pics right?

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by basilic

eurperg, amazing....
and the sun is on the right, yet the shadows project forward! the sunrays bend toward you!
no kidding, that looks fantastic





it was cold going down

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by HammerTime2

Kastrup wrote:As you can tell from the picture it's rather cold :)

Icicles on the beard. I guess it's convenient if you get thirsty. Just break an icicle off your beard and eat it. As long as you can grow new icicles faster than you deplete water, there's no need to carry a water bottle. :beerchug:

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by Valy


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by djm

Random shots from Gran Canaria a little over a week ago..
Sporting the Weenie kit which was very nice to wear.

I had to replace my Galaxy SII due to a leakage in my bedroom on the one rainy night while I was there. Temporarily replaced it with a 89 euro smartphone from LG. Lots of phone and function for the buck, but definitely a horrible camera. Upside was I didn't bother putting the phone in a plastic bag and had it easily accessible at all times.



Tres boqadillos, por favor! :-)





Friend of mine, not pictured, mysteriously managed to crash directly into this pickup truck parked on the side of the road. He was doing 60 kph and the truck was parked on the right side (!) of a right curve. Poor surface and he'd supposedly hit a hole, then losing control of his bike getting both wheels on the gravel off the road.. Broken vertebrae and repatriated by private plane a couple of days later. Fortunately he is recovering well and will spend a few weeks in a specialist hospital to train and recover further.

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by jmilliron

eurperg wrote:Image

From yesterday, 2 hour ride in -14°C, nice sunshine... Frozen lakes were like salt flats.


basilic wrote:yesterday...

it was cold going down

Amazing, as usual.

Playing around in the dirt yesterday:

Untitled by jason5milliron, on Flickr
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