What is everyone weighing in at?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by MarkTwain

All the half centimeters :lol:

by Weenie

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by efeballi

178 cm, 67 kg. Trying to maintain weight by losing fat and gaining muscle.
Man, I was 77 kg when I started.

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by yosti

No real men in this forum? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

6,16ft (188cm)
320Ibs (145kg)


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by GorrGrimWolf

Body is still shaping up, have at least 3-4kg of unnecessary body fat to lose :wink:

Height: 185cm (6ft 1)
Weight: 69kg (152lbs)

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by jrobart

48 years old
181.5 cm
84 kg

Goal is 78 kg by April 1st!
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by makoti

Old guy...55
5'10" (177.8cm)
150 (68kg)
Dropped 20lb in last year. Happy about that.
No faster. Must be a mistake.

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by Stoo

29yo 5'11"
Started at 105kg 3 yrs ago.
77.3kg at start of 2014 now 74.5kg (164lb) today, aiming for 70kg (154lb) by April
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by Trunks81

32 years 1.67cm

Started at 91 kg 2 years ago.
Now 61 kg and aiming for 59 a 60kg

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by davidalone

25 yo, 178cm. weight fluctuates between 64-67 kg.

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by carbonLORD

You guys need to eat a steak!

Age 39.

Height; 6'2.5" : Started season at 220lbs. Race weight is 190lbs and I'm already approaching the sub 200lbs barrier. (Starting to see my 6 pack again!) But 130Km rides and 10Km runs weekly are definitely helping, (plus cutting out beer and chocolate, my vices) since New Years.

I'll always hit weights hence the size. Women like biceps, sorry brothers.

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by davidalone

I have biceps. I would say my body looks much more appealing than the majority of my peers. :P

A good athletic toned body helps cos the muscles are more defined

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by ejo

Age 37, 178cm, 61-63kg.. get blown around like a leaf in windy days :( !

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by KWalker

women also like dudes that are confident and not self-absorbed. I've been a large weightlifter and a thin cyclist and its never matter one bit which I was.
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by Weenie

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by eric

carbonLORD wrote: Women like biceps

Women who like muscular guys will like big biceps. But there are lots of women who are attracted to us skinny freaks.

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