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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by martinSL

Interested in some comments on G6, Ultralight, and Aerolight
The specs are nice, they look good, are used at the PRO level but how do people like them for their specific use and how well are their made
any opinions are appreciated
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by Weenie

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by Wingnut

I personally do not like made in Asia frames but I do like the BH Ultralight...dimensions are good in my size requirement.
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by Tinea Pedis

RIDE Mag reviewed the Ultralight and Greg (the reviewer) actually ended up buying it.

If that's any indication to you on what their thoughts of it were.

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by Leviathan

Perhaps your mate put a huge f**off scratch down the side of it in the test ride and had to buy it? I bought a car that way!

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by Blitzenbuddy

I built up an Ultralight a few weeks ago with SRAM Red and Ritchey Superlogic handlebars, stem and seatpost. Weight is ~14 lbs with Fulcrum zeros. It's a great ride which for me means the bike disappears under you. It is a do-it-all bike and a superior descender, contrary to some reviews that I've read. As it is built up, it is quite a comfortable ride and does a good job of smoothing out road roughage. My only beef with the frame is that it is somewhat understated due mostly to the matte finish. I don't find my eyes being drawn to the bike as much as I have with some others. But I'm just getting to know the bike so maybe it will grow on me.

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by martinSL

Good comments guys. Keep them coming. Understated frame, IMHO, is not a bad thing. Cheers
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by wpccrunner

I work for a shop that sells BH. Just ordered and Ultralight RC Force (Should be here tomorrow or Tuesday). I'm going to be building it up with parts from my current bike and new stuff on order.
Build will be:
Sram Red Shifters and derailleurs
FSA SLK BB386Evo crank
Planet X CNC brakes
Ritchey WCS 260 Stem, WCS Classic Bars, and WCS Carbon Post
Farsports race wheels and Mavic Kysrium training wheels.
Selle Italia SLR Flow saddle

Have heard good things about the frame and I am quite anxious to get some miles on it. Hope for it to be around 14lbs but seeing that I ride a large (58cm) and its white 14 might be a long shot.

Sorry I don't have any opinions on the ride of the bikes, but the shop owner has a G6 6770 Ui2 and he loves it.

BH isn't that popular in the states but from a technical aspect the bikes should be very very nice.

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by chitown240

I have a large G6 w/ Ultegra Di2 and Bontrager Aeoulos 7 Tubulars. Coming from a Trek 6.5 project one last year, The BH is way better IMO. Attn to detail, Ride ect... I've owned a lot of bikes over the past few years, selling each at the end of the year and buying new. The G6 is the first bike i've considered not selling because i like it so much and if I do, I'm getting another one (2014). My Large G6 with cages and Speedplay was just a tad over 15lbs not bad at all considering i wasn't trying to make it light.

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by 1ferrari

I owned a G4, and have a couple friends with Ultralight's right now. They are all fantastic bikes. BH does a great job with their BB design, they always feel super stiff and snappy under power. The Ultralight is super cool design....that's why I bought an FM066 :welcome:

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by ekloewen

Would anyone of you be able to offer me some insights into sizing? I'm just a hair under 5'11, and have an opportunity to get a MED frame. I have a 33" inseam, and am mostly torso. What are the dimensions of you guys riding larges? Do you know if these bikes tend to fit larger or smaller? I'm currently riding a CAAD 10; stack height on a BH is 10 mm smaller, and so is reach (ish).


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by shimmeD

LOL you've just answered your own question: it's 10mm smaller in two most important criteria.
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by ekloewen

Thanks for the constructive feedback.

Anyone else?

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by KvnP

I was actually looking at the Lynx 6 (MTB) earlier and only knowing about their road line, man this bike is sure nice.

Build quality / design looks nice as well comparing to other mountain bikes (Knolly / Intense / etc) & I am a bit curious about their suspension design though, the "split pivot"

I would say that BH is a very nice brand.
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by Ozrider

My wife has a BH Crystal, and the finish and quality of paint is excellent. It has moulded in cable stops the same as Parlee do.
The oval seatpost fits well and has had no slippage issues. Overall a very impressive bike. Better finish than many so called top end brands.
Ozrider - Western Australia
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by petal666

I'm 5'11" ride a 56cm CAAD10 with 120mm stem. Same on the BH Ultralight Medium.

by Weenie

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