Zipp wheels with Enve Pads

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by civdic

Has anyone used enve pads with zipp wheels? My zipp pads are done and I have a new set of enve pads that could be used. Should I give them a try?

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by Twinning

If it doesn't void the warranty then give it a go

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by civdic

I'm just curious if the zipp pads and enve pads are made by the same company or perform the same way. They look, feel smell and taste similar. The colour is slightly different. I know swissstop makes the Zipps but I can't seem to find who makes the enve's.

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by carbonLORD

I own both 2013 404's, 6.7 etc and I say don't do it. The ENVE pad compound is twice as hard as the Zipp Platinum Pro (Swisstop) compound and seems like it would be too rough on the Zipp rim finish.

Just pony up $40 bucks and get the Black Prince, I think they are allowed by Zipp, (I know they are for ENVE now) but dont quote me there.

Zipp has live chat, why not ask them?

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by eric

What do they taste like? Have you done a blind tasting with other carbon pads? Or perhaps a vertical tasting of different vintages of Zipp pads?

Wine geek jokes aside I agree, ask Zipp.

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by sawyer

I have used ENVE pads on zipps ... but yes, they are harder than Zipp pads which are very soft, and Zipp advise people to use softer compounds.

Fine if you're not in the mountains but otherwise there are better options. Reynolds blue are a bit softer also.
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by civdic

Alright...zipp it is. Anyone looking for Enve pads?

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by mellowJohnny

Good call...

And the definitive answer is always

BTW the Black Prince work very well...wear is fast, but stopping power is quite good. In fact I had a AL DT Swiss back rim and my regular 202 on the front for a while and I got better stopping power from the front wheel vs the rear. Sure, physics plays a role (or is that a "roll") but I was impressed at how well my carbon wheel stopped vs the aluminum.

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by Tricky1

I called Zipp a few months ago on the same topic, and the Enve pads were not approved. I tried the black prince pads, and Zipp tangente's (grey compound), both with alarming wear rate, but good performance. Finally settled with Zipp cork pads. As I'm a bigger rider, they wear much, much better and perform adequate. They're about the best all-around pads (no exp. in the wet though) I've found so far.

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by gitsome

According to the latest testing in Tour Magazine even uttering the words Zipp and Enve in the same sentence may cause spontaneous combustion and a dangerous explosion.
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by Zigmeister

Zipp platinum pros are great on zipp wheels.

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