SKs skunkworks project black 5.3kg

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by sugarkane

so my old parlee was retired a few weeks ago and here is the replacement build thread

so funnily enough my private workshop is called the skunkworks after all the expensive and mostly black bikes that find them selves been built or serviced in there
and here is my logo Image
which of course i have small frame stickers made up of in a matte black on white roundel

any way back to the build.. it is of course another parlee z5 but this time its an SLi and in a small.. as i was running a 90mm stem and felt a little stretched out i went for a small instead of the med i had been riding and got a longer stem

and now the photo bomb

happy new bike day

not too bad

with the crown race installed

first look


a bit of scale work



Aican cable install needed a little work around.. line the frame with cable liner not old cable from the back :thumbup:



starting to look a bit like a bike

stripped the 3t ergonova LTDs to match the blackness of the build

wheels and a bar pos adjustment!

so i'm waiting for my cranks to return from the paint shop where the clear is getting a touch up which should be in a few days
also i totally plan on getting EPS V2 in a month or so, so the mech SR is only a short term setup
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by BrianVarick

Looking mean!

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by jb


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by asdf123

Interesting build. Subscribed!

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by Anders

Let my guess...THM M3 crankset on the way?

Then you need to find a way to make the stem matte though it matches the cables :-)

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by jlaitinen

That is one fine Parlee, waiting for the finished one.

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by devinci



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by carbon2329

Looks great. Can't wait to see it finished.

Man, I wish I never sold my Emporelli cages.(keep them forever) Too bad they don't make them anymore. :cry: :cry:

Did your Berk Combo have plenty of length with the smaller frame?

How did you do the housing?
(with no cable stops, did you run "b-cables" the whole length?......rattle????

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by KvnP

Hotness !
Parlee Z3c
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by Valbrona

I wrote and posted this message before any of your pictures fully download. File sizes are too large for my internet connection to download.

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by sugarkane

Yea the cranks are m3s I chipped them up around the pedals when my ti speedplay butterfly's wore out
So the are getting a new clear coat
All the shifters, cables stem seatpost clamp etc are gloss black
And the cranks and saddle shell are gloss 3k
I quite like the different blacks Going on.
The berk combo was angles and length wise always
Built for this frame so it has a 400mm post. More will come off the steerer but I need to ride it first :)

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by AndreLM

Nice build! Subscribed!

What is your target weight (with the EPS)?

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by sugarkane

The target weight with the sub kilo wheels is low 5.3 I think with the uncut cables and stuff it's around 5.36kgs right now by my calculations. Eps target weight is under 5.5kgs
Going to get another berk combo when the EPS comes along using the new channel saddle shape and with the EPS charge cable built in under the front of the saddle

I installed the BB last night just waiting for the cranks so I can get the front mech in the right place, throw on a chain, the rear bottle cage and some bar tape.

As for rattles and Aicans they have the foam noddles that came with the frame and seem to be ok right now.. Of course I have to ride it to know for sure.. I might get the fork off once it's all together and get the noodle position perfect and then cable tie em on.

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by Ozrider

Once again you have built a fantastic Parlee, love your work

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by YinYang

How did you stripped the silver from the 3T bar? I need to do the same with my all black out build.

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