Selle Italia Carbonio SLR Rail ISSUE pls help !

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by Pepijn2010


Last sunday I had a (serious) crash where the rail of my Selle Italia Carbonio kit SLR saddle came loose. The (carbon ?) rail is now loose on the front end, the back end is still fixed. I tried to bend the saddle a bit, but was unsuccesfull to get the rail back into the saddle.

The question: has somebody experience with this issue ? and what to do about it ?

Thanks guys !

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by victorduraace

got pics?

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by theremery

Had similar on a Ti railed one. I put the rail in a vice and used a motorbike tyre lever to flip the nose back over. It was an utter pain to do but was fine afterwards and I rode it for years afterwards.
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by Pepijn2010

Thanks - but I guess Ti could be bended (somewhat) ... but what about carbon ... hmmm

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by carbonLORD

See if they'll warranty it.

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by Oswald

carbonLORD wrote:See if they'll warranty it.

He crashed it... That's like crashing your Porsche into a tree and then trying to warranty it...

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