Waiting for Campagnolo full carbon clinchers

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by Valbrona

Campag were pioneers of deep aluminium rims.

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by elSid

200+ lbs. on carbon clinchers??

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by sawyer

The only significant advantage of CCs is aesthetic. Which is a big advantage admiteddly.

Weight is a wash with alloy rim clinchers. Very slightly lighter with carbon but litte in it.

Braking is not as good in the wet though getting there in the best examples.

I could see a 35mm Bora CC selling a bit as it would look cool an weight 1500g ish.
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by poppiholla

A Bora 47mm CC around 1500g would be possible and welcomed.

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by mriddle

I took a leap of faith about 2 years ago and bought a pair of Hyperon Ones, which are carbon rims with alloy hubs. I paid about $1,500 (US) which was a great deal. I ride them a lot here in Texas which is mostly rolling hills, I wouldn't consider them on any mountainous rides for obvious reasons. They are about 150 grams lighter that my Shamals (clincher versions). Like all Campy wheels the Hyperon Ones are rock solid and bullet proof, I weigh 180 pounds and have never had any issue. I did remove the decals and they do look pretty cool.

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by fogman

I wonder if this thread had any influence on Campagnolo releasing the Bora range of carbon clinchers in 2015. :lol:
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by kervelo

poppiholla wrote:A Bora 47mm CC around 1500g would be possible and welcomed.

How about the Racing Quattro from Fulcrum:
http://www.fulcrumwheels.com/en/news/20 ... attro-2016

The specs look good and so does the price (at least in some European shops).

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