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by Lucas1234

I am looking to buy a new pair of road cycling shoes and cannot decide between the two. I am limited to semi custom and full custom because my feet are extremely narrow ie. the sides of the upper touch when I am wearing sidi wires. I am looking at a pair of stock rocket 7 superlites in AA width or Balestra chameleons. Thoughts and comments would be helpful.

by Weenie

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by Lucas1234

Thanks for the link. Can you tell me the width and length for your feet. As I am seriously thinking of ordering these in that exact size and KC is not returning my calls I'm sizing. Would really appreciate this thanks.

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by pritchet74

I bought a pair of custom Rocket 7's back in 2004 and just had them re-built with new uppers last year (everything new except for the existing carbon sole / footbed) and I love them. The guy at Rocket 7 was great to deal with as well. My pair of R7's weigh 500g including Shimano cleats and hardware. My other shoes are Sidi Genius 6.5's and with cleats and hardware they are 690g.
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by lannes

Not sure if they would work, have you though about a pair of Shimano SH-R320 and getting them moulded, would be significantly less costly than custom.

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by vlastrada

@ Lucas

my feet are pretty narrow at less than 10cm wide and ~28.5-29cm long*,
my 45A R7 fit me really well, I could probably go for the AA (Narrowest).

* currently on hols so don't have meter double check exact length, but should be right

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by Lucas1234

Thanks vlastrada! That gives me a good idea.

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by FourRings

I had a pair of Rocket 7s and found the quality to be crap. I then went with D2s and have never looked back. The D2s have fantastic build and material quality. The team at D2 is great to work with. You may want to check them out.

Best of luck!

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by spud

you might also look into Riivo shoes out in California

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by jpanspac

Riivo is in Texas, not California.
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by CharlesM


They're the guys that have watched the other shoe companies come and go (and come again...)...

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