zipp sl carbon bars / service course sl alloy stem weighed

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by strobbekoen

The bars are 44, short and shallow. 190g (claimed 170g for 44 short & shallow)
Stem is 110m, 130g (claimed 120g for 100mm)

The stem seems okay, but the bars are like 12% over the claimed weight. That's a lot for carbon parts in this price range no ? It's like buying a wheelset with a claimed weight of 1300g, and it actually weighs 1450g. hmmmm :|

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by RiverCityKid

I know what you mean. I recently weighed my wheelset and advertised it was 1750g or something close to that, and after weighing them with skewers and rimtape and everything they were over 2000g and I was sorta shocked. 3T are usually pretty good about their weights with their cockpit lineup too, so I was even more surprised.

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by Zigmeister

The 42mm are claimed weight of 170g. So your 44cm are probably pretty close to what you would expect for added weight for the sizing.

Zipp is usually pretty close on their stuff, like wheels etc..

Maybe a typo on Zipps site for a short time.

From their site:

Weight (SS 42 cm) 170g

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by lannes

My 42cm Zipp SL's in the traditional bend are 184gm, so you are in the ball park

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by mdeth1313

The older SL's were much lighter, I'm not sure if they ever updated the weights. I have one of the older SL's (w/ the yellow logo) and a 40mm width (traditional bend) came in at 156 or 158g.
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