Sidi Wire Speedplay..Or not?

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by Rick

I wonder if the "lower stack height" of speedplay-specific shoes is real, or is it an illusion ? Because the speedplay-specific shoes seem to be built-up more in the cleat attachment area for the speedplays. Do they really end up with lower overall stack height ?

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by xnavalav8r

I measured mine compared to my former shoes (Specialized S-works). The stack height was just under 4mm less.

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by xnavalav8r

neeb wrote:Do you find that the toe-box in the wires is slightly roomier than in the ergo 3s for the same size, as others have hinted?

Yes, I find the toe box roomier. For me, that is a plus. I have interestingly shaped feet. Generally I get a lot of heel slip in shoes that offer a comfortable toe box. If I want a snug fit at the heel I generally have to accept numb toes and hot spots. The Sidi wires have solved my fit issues without having to go custom.

Though, as previously mentioned, I think the insoles are pretty useless.

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by davidalone

Have been riding on the wires non sp for a year now. Great shoes which are really really stiff. A friend who uses the ergo 3 saysTtmy wires are definitely stiffer after trying them. Open close vent works but you only rreally feel the difference only in winter. Can get abit hot in summer so if your feet sweat alot go for the wire air. The sidi wire closures are abit more high maintenance than the boas and need cleaning and oiling.

I wil. Add that the toebox is definitely wider. I tried on both ergo 3 and wire before buying. Ergo 3 was too narrow.

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by sugarkane

Stack hight is 4mm less. When I switched to speed play based shoes I dropped my saddle and cockpit 4mm across the board.
They are a bit roomer but I never found the ergos an issue.
I really like mine. Would get another pair for sure

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by Rick

4mm less is significant! Thanks!

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by neeb

I just wish that they would offer the SP models in colours other than white. I've been using the Ergo 3 SPs for a couple of years now and they have been great, but they are definitely now sepia coloured rather than white.. Would be tempted by the wires for the weight savings and slightly roomier toe box, but I'd want a different colour.

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by yakstone

I ride the SP specific Wires and love them. Like a previous poster mentioned, it makes you not want to ride your other non-SP specific shoes.
Toe box is wider. My favorite cycling shoe to date and I like the white color. I also needed to adjust the cockpit when I went to the SP specific shoes - 4mm sounds about right.

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by LeviR

I love my SP wires. They fit me better than the Ergo 3. I just wish they make one in black.

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by IchDien

A little off topic - but what would people recommend for riding in Italy? How is the venting on the normal Wires?

Or should I go with the more perforated Air for better airflow to the feet?

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by xnavalav8r

I used my wires for two weeks during the TdF in July. They were fine on hot days and at colder temps in the mountains.

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by n22hop

carlislegeorge wrote:I wish they came in black....

The new 2014 Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice 2014 now come in black :)

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by reknop

Is it just me or are the Speeplay specific Sidi shoes harder to get (online) ?
I see very limited availability at online shops ...
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