Solid cable housings?

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by myndog

Hi, i'm about to change my aliuminium frame to carbon one. The new frame has integrated cables. Could someone suggest a solid cable/housings kit? Housings should include shifting cable adjuster. I'm thinking of Jagwire. What is your suggestions? Thanks. :wink:

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by nicrump

OEM for the shift system you use.
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by vdrey

Segmented cables if you want high end. If you just want something that works, any name brand or OEM would work.

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by voodoojar

I don't know the exact frame you have but the way I do it is run I-links with a custom frame stop then run just the liner internally to save weight.

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by myndog

I got Mathot prospect frame. If you never heard about them you can google it as its not very known company. Yes VDREY i looking for some high end cables that won't cause me any problems as i'm preparing for the next season :P

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by Krackor

myndog, any update on your cable housing choice? Did you pick the new Jagwire Elite Link system? I'm looking for feedback on the Jagwire but search seems to be turning up nothing. :noidea:

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