Stem-Bars Weighing. Shimano Pro Vibe and Carbon Bars

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by Zigmeister

So, not sure how manufacturers weight their stems, guess we can't expect bolts to be included, but faceplate, yes I would think.

Switched to Shimano Pro Vibe UD Carbon stem 110mm, and Vibe Compact Bars, 42cm C-C. Haven't got the bars yet, will weigh those, but the weight of the Shimano is right on target, if you don't have the faceplate or bolts. Hmm....

110mm Box says 115g

Which is the size I received.

Actual weights.

Stem, no faceplate or bolts:


Stem faceplate:


Stem bolts:


Entire Stem/Faceplate/Bolts:


And now the Bars....

Box says 195g, since they don't specify, going to have to assume 40mm bars, mine are 42mm C-C



Drum roll please.....


Not too far off, and maybe they didn't specify size anywhere I can see. And, their site says 190g, and that doesn't specify compact, ergo or round.

Considering the box weighed 299g it came in, can't complain too much.
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by Weenie

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by tommasini

Off by nearly 20%..........!!

Maybe Deda is making them on contract 8)

20% would make a 1000g frame now 1200..............

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by prendrefeu

So it's just carbon wrapped aluminium?

Oddly enough, I thought that the actual weight (as you verified) was exactly as one would expect from the "PRO" line. Why would they even suggest it is lighter than what it actually is?

(also: too heavy.)

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by lannes

My Pro Vibe Carbon 100mm was 130gm, so this looks like the weight range for the stem

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by headwind816

My PRO Vibe Thor Hushovd editions were 132 for the 110mm and 137 for the 120mm ... I found the weights respectable for the size and stiffness.

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by Geoff

Yeah, they're pretty heavy, but stiff as heck...

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by Zigmeister

Don't get me wrong, I love these stems, use to have a Vibe 7s. -10 degree, definitely stiff. Puzzle setup works really well, simple. But I was a bit surprised about the weight, but according to you guys, seems to be the norm and overall weight based on experiences.

I'm not whining over a few grams, isn't going to make a difference in a race, but just found it interesting how far it is off, unless you don't include the faceplate/bolts, then dead on.

tommasini wrote:Off by nearly 20%..........!!

Maybe Deda is making them on contract 8)

20% would make a 1000g frame now 1200..............

You know that is funny, because the other option for my new cockpit/color setup I was looking at the Deda Superleggero stem -8, and their Presa compact bars as a combo. They have that stem listed at 99g for the 110mm...which I find hard to believe. The 42mm Presa bar is listed at 214g, which could be reality and normal.

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by mellowJohnny

Do you still have the package? I seem to remember it saying something like "from" or "for 100mm" for the stated 115g weight. I was a bit disapointed too...

But not unlike Cannondale stating an "average" weight for an Evo in size that doesn't exist. Still wrong tho

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by Zigmeister's pretty clear what they are referring to.


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by prebsy

I feel your pain with Shimano. I bought a set of DA level shimano wheels, they came in about 150grams over claimed weight, close to 10%. I no longer will buy a shimano product if weight matters, they just flat out lie.

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by uraz

Aluminium PRO VIBE 7s 110 mm


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by Briscoelab

Still a great stem and very stiff. I've switched all of my road and most of my CX bikes over to their Vibe round bars, in either the carbon or alu. They are a bit over advertised weight, but feel great. Their carbon bars are the only ones I've found to be stiff enough to my liking.

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by TwiggyTN

I really like my PRO Vibe stuff. Well made and finished.

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by hasbeen

Just like Deda used to do and weigh only the stem, no hardware at all, meaning no bolts and no faceplate. I bet that is the case throughout the range. Once they get a bad rep for it they will change it. I am pretty sure Deda is more actual (meaning usable stem) weight.
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by Weenie

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by chiumomo

Alu 100mm, 10 degree Thor Hushovd edition with steel bolts

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