Sram red cassette - better gearing options?

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by Juanmoretime

I use the standard 11-26 on my cross bike and I don't find it noisy at all. I also use my 11 tooth quite a bit. Did not hit 46.7 mph by not using my 11. FWIW this was on loose gravel too. ( Gravel Road race)

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by showdown

Those elastomers... you can replace them with o-rings.

A friend of mine who worked at SRAM for a while told me when one of mine snapped that a simple hardware store o-ring will suffice as a replacement. Surely they'e not identical and really the elastomers are there to absorb vibration so that it doesn't echo through the hollow cassette...

Also- I have over they years accumulated perhaps a dozen SRAM cassettes and have mixed and matched the cogs (sometimes on purpose, other times due to inattention) and never had any adverse results...

And here in Chicago, save for the occasional 30mph tailwind, my 11 rarely sees a chain...


by Weenie

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by CharlesM

SRAM SELL A 12-27 10 SPEED...

They make 12026, 12-28 and 12-32 as well

Damn guys, do a little homework...

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by kulivontot

Buuuuuuut Red

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by mattr

kulivontot wrote:At the same time, if it's that steep, you're going to be even more likely to spin out on the downhill.
If its that steep, its *unlikely* to be nice long straight bits of tarmac, more likely to be windy and orrible. More likely to need decent brakes than an 11T.

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by kulivontot

You can't have both?

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by Briscoelab

The Sram Red 12-27 is a nice cassette. I bought it for my cx bike, but it works fine on the road as well. (why wouldn't it?) Yes, it is a bit nosier than a DA cassette. But, so are all Sram cassettes.

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